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Suicide By Cop

By The Reverend Published: August 21, 2014

Go to Huffington Post and click on "Shock Video, St Louis cops gun down man." Listen to what the cop has to say about police killing yet another young black male, this time two miles from where Michael Brown was murdered.....and then watch the killing caught on video.

The account given by St. Louis police chief Sam Dotson in a tweet stated that the two police officers "feared for their safety". But if you watch the video, you'll see the officers were never in any danger.

I'm beginning to think that what's happening in Missouri is the rollout of some newfangled "stand your ground" law exclusively applicable to police.

A police officer "feels" threatened.....doesn'ty matter why.....and he draws his weapon and kills. Freedom. Liberty.

The slogan "protect and serve" which adorns all cop cars has taken on a whole new meaning. Protect and serve must now mean that when cops are on duty, they are protecting and serving themselves.

The obligatory disclaimer: no, all police are not rogue.

But if the criteria for killing civilians is based on "feeling threatened", then, tell me....when would cops not civilians?

Factor in America's new actionable doctrine....the one percent doctrine....and we have a new dynamic in place for law enforcers to basically kill at will. I mean, hell, there's always a one percent chance that some danger to police exists, right?

Perhaps it is just too risky any longer for police to, you know, protect and serve the citizens who pay for the salaries of police.You know, "everything has changed" since 9-11.

And maybe we should just set aside that messy due process thingy....and give all our patriotic police forces the power to abjudicate the law from the barrels of their guns.

Think of the savings. No more expensive trials with "neutral" judges....and think about it....why "handcuff" our protectors by prohibiting them from killing anyone who they deem threatening? Take the "gloves off", right?

You see, just like with those primitive Muslims we pride ourselves on killing, the only thing that "not-quite-real Americans" understand is violence. Those poor black Missouri citizens obviously do not value life in the same way that "real Americans" do....why else would they be poor?

This also helps in understanding why local police need drones, tanks and grenade launchers. Come want your local police to be able to protect themselves when they "feel" threatened, right? Sure you do. What respectable patriot would send police officers out to protect and serve.....themselves....without the latest "defensive" military weaponry?

Far-fetched? Too much hyperbole?

Go ask the citizens of Ferguson....the ones still alive.



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