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Summer Of Indifference

By The Reverend Published: August 15, 2012

Two huge challenges to our American society have been front and center all summer. Right in our faces. And yet, we as a people are paralyzed from doing anything about these challenges. To this blogger, this paralysis is quite frankly, mind boggling.....verifying what many people have been saying for awhile......that America, truly, is hopelessly broken and in decline.

Man's contribution to global warming.....and the proliferation in the U.S. of military-style weaponry.

You may not agree that mankind is contributing to the warming of the globe, even though scientists responsible for studying these things overwhelmingly say we are. You may think that Americans should have no limits on what weaponry they can own, stockpile and use, even though the 2nd amendment clearly connects the right to own long guns to the collective purpose of maintaining a well regulated militia.

But what you can't disagree on is that the summer of 2012 is one of the hottest, and driest, in history. What is beyond argument is that midwestern farmland is cracked open and dusty.....crops disfigured and ruined by the relentless heat and lack of rain....heat records fell like the rain the midwest so desperately needed. What can't be denied, credibly, is the fact that the last decade has been the hottest on record.

What can't be denied is the truth that automatic and semi-automatic weapons have been involved in several mass-murder incidents this summer. Whether in a Colorado theater, a Sikh temple, or a Texas university.....long military-style clips of ammunition combined with military-style semi-automatic weapons have been involved in each slaughter.

The tell on these two challenges right before our faces this summer.....the tell that demonstrates we are in decline as a how our corporate media, .....teevee, radio and print.... have dealt with what's right under our noses. With basic indifference.

For-profit, corporate media have simply refused to make the connection this summer between mass slaughters and the ease in the U.S. with which military-style killing weapons can be purchased. Media has remained silent because of fear of reprisal from the public relations firm of the gun-making industry, the NRA, Media has failed did Condi put it..."connect the dots"....that lead from failure to renew the assault weapon ban, straight to the bloody mess in a Colorado movie theater. To connect those dots would be "taking sides."

Sure, corporate media is giving us the daily weather this summer. The record temperatures, the pictures of deformed ears of corn, the cracks in the earth.....but tell me, where are the serious, imminent-threat articles and segments from corporate media connecting our record-hot summer to man's contribution to heating up the globe? Can't go would be akin to taking sides.

He said-he said stenographic, corporate media practices have left our country entirely vulnerable to serious threats, Serious threats like global warming and mass gun murders. Those two threats have now been entirely politicized by the special interests who profit from the sources of the threats.....continued military-style weapons sales, pouring more carbon pollution into the atmosphere.

All that compromised and limp corporate media can do now is "explain the controversy." This side says this, the other side says this.....we can't tell you who's right about global warming or what would be a wise approach to military-weapon ownership by citizens and the 2nd amendment because that would be taking sides in a political argument.

Fiddling while the place is on fire and filling up with gunsmoke.

And so I'm not optimistic about the direction our nation is heading. We're traveling on a road to decline and ultimate ruin. I can't think of a summer, or any period really, where threatening issues were more prominently and vividly on display....and yet, absolutely nothing....crickets from the fourth estate which "protects" our interests.

As a result, our nation will do nothing to limit the proliferation of military-style killing machines within the citizenry. As a result, our nation will sit on it's hands instead of leading a concerted effort to slow down carbon emissions.

As a result.....many, many more Americans will be slaughtered needlessly. As a result, not just Americans, but the human race itself, may eventually become extinct....with one consolation. At least no one will ever again be faced with having to "take sides."



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