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By The Reverend Published: June 11, 2010

Often, The Reverend refers to the American mainstream corporate media as the Villagers or the Knee Pad Media. Not quite as snappy and smart as Sister Sarah's repetitive "lamestream media" reference....but then, I can't see huge piles of money, or Russia,...or something....from my back porch, either.

I realize that the name-calling that I do is oh-so-juvenile, overly shrill and vulgar, and, (as conservatives have warned), most likely a symptom of some deeply embedded psychological hangup which threatens to eat what's left of this old blogger's brain.

I preface the blog posting today with that in order to assure readers,.... despite the slow brain-eating malady negatively affecting my cognitive abilities,.....I still try to do the best that I can to maintain some semblance of self-awareness.

Today, then, I ask for your sympathetic patience and longsuffering as I once again attempt to point out the corporate-and-power-whores (sorry, the flair-ups are spontaneous and unpredictable) from whom we receive our daily "news" feeding.

The Politico, June 3rd....

Vice President Joe Biden and second lady Jill Biden are opening up their home to reporters for a beach-themed party on Saturday.

Select members of the Fourth Estate have received colorful, cheery invites to kick off summer 2010 at the “Biden Beach Boardwalk” (aka the Naval Observatory) from 1 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The Villagers were in Knee Pad heaven.

CNN's Ed Henry was Twitter-pated....

Rahm was chasing Mrs Biden & she hid behind me so i got in his crosshairs -- now i know how Sestak felt


Henry again....

@WolfBlitzerCNN also lost water gun fight to Rahm ... but maybe he lost on purpose to butter up chief of staff for a POTUS interview ..

Ed Henry cracks me up. What a funny guy! No report, though, on whether Wolfie's Knee Pads got wet.

The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder may have come close to over-excitedly...umm.... wetting his pants when he "reported" capturing this video from the Biden Beach-Blanket-Bozo Party....

Later, whatever is left of Ambinder's journalistic conscience, started pestering he penned this gem....

Does an afternoon of leisure with senior administration officials violate journalistic ethics? To many, the self-evident answer is: "Absolutely." I have a different view, although perhaps it's a way to rationalize my own decision to attend the Bidens' first beach party for journalists. . . .

Perhaps. Quite frankly.....I was shocked to learn that Village "journalists" were still mindful of such dusty old relics as "ethics". I suppose Ambinder's remarks can be attributed to the occasional pangs of guilt he may still suffer from as he positions himself daily, mouth wide open, to receive the daily "news" droppings from the White House upon whose access he depends. Of course, I could be wrong.

And so I wondered about Biden's Beach-Blanket-Bozo Party. I wondered if the Twitter-pated Ed Henry or Wolfie Blitzer or the NYTimes' David Sanger or Armbinder or any of the Super-Soaked Stenographers who were present, asked VP Biden about his comments the day before concerning the Israeli terrorist attack of an unarmed humanitarian flotilla bound for Gaza. An Israeli attack which included the 4-shots-to-the-head murder of an American citizen.

Biden: "Israel has an absolute right to deal with its security interest."

Biden: "So what's the big deal here? What's the big deal of insisting it go straight to Gaza?"

Biden: "...we passed a resolution in the UN saying we need a transparent and open investigation of what happened. It looks like things are..."

Rose: "International investigation?"

Biden: "Well, an investigation run by the Israelis, but we're open to international participation,...."

I'm sure that the Biden Beach-Blanket-Bozo party, complete with the requisite Super-Soakers, was not the place for Shrill questions over the actions of America's 51st state leaders.

My take on this nauseating Beach Party is not partisan. Whether it is NBC's David Gregory backup dancing to Karl Rove's disgusting attempt at rap singing...or....the 26 "reporters" eating ribs and swinging on John McCain's tire swing .....or Biden's Beach Party for "Select" journalists armed with Super-Soakers....the same question keeps bothering me: How can someone report objectively on the world's most powerful people.....when those powerful people are regarded as your personal buddies and pals?

Glennzilla sums it all up with the inclusion of some great snark....

Her career-ending comments to the side, we need far more Helen Thomases in the press room and far fewer giggly, star-struck servants who are so grateful and honored to participate in circle squirts with White House officials and not even embarrassed to admit it.



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