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Supply Side Collapse

By The Reverend Published: February 5, 2008

While we wait today for the results of Super-califragilisticexpialidocious Tuesday, let's take a look at current president Bush's dead on arrival $3.1 trillion budget proposal.

The Pentagon would receive a $36 billion, 8 percent boost for the 2009 budget year beginning Oct. 1, even as programs aimed at the poor would be cut back or eliminated. Half of domestic Cabinet departments would see their budgets cut outright.

Slumping revenues and the cost of an economic rescue package will combine to produce a huge jump in the deficit to $410 billion this year and $407 billion in 2009, the White House says, just shy of the record $413 billion set four years ago.

But even those figures are optimistic because they depend on rosy economic forecasts and leave out the full costs of the war in Iraq. The White House predicts the economy will grow at a 2.7 percent clip this year, far higher than congressional and private economists expect, and the administration's $70 billion figure for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan is simply a placeholder until the next president takes office. Link

Republican leadership, especially Republican presidents, amass deficits. George Walker Bush carries on the deficit tradition of Reagan and Junior's own Poppy. They ran as fiscal conservatives and, after getting elected, borrowed like crack addicts.

Eight percent more for empire building militarism....eight percent, while simultaneously cutting programs that actually help Americans. More welfare for killing.....less for living.

"Slumping revenues"....words that belie the supply side, tax cutting doctrine of the Republican Party. Taxes have been cut drastically under Junior. Now we have "slumping revenues" as a result.

Junior set the deficit record in 2004 and comes very close again in this year's proposal. In addition, the cost of wars of choice are not included in those deficit numbers and Junior's boys also have a rosier outlook on growth for this year than virtually anyone else. It's kind based.

All of this is why NO ONE should vote for a Republican for president this year. Especially not the neo-conservative, and Panamanian born, John McCain. McCain has already told us, "there will be more wars." Wars of imperialism that we can't afford without cutting all the domestic programs Americans care about and rely on.

Wars and debt.....that's all the GOP has to offer......along with their intolerance for all those who are not wealthy, white, heterosexual (at least in name) males.

Peace and prosperity, that's what the Democrats are offering.....along with their tolerance and inclusion of all people.

Republicans will keep our military in the middle east forever, bankrupting America along the way.
Democrats will remove our soldiers from the middle eastern crime scene and restore fiscal sanity where none has existed for the last 8 years.

If you would like to see our country rebound from the awful mess we're in, then consider voting for Democrats this cycle. America, literally, cannot afford any more Republicans.



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