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Supremes Rush To Aid GOP Over Voter ID

By The Reverend Published: January 8, 2008


Supreme Court Justices make a difference. In 2000 they sure made a difference, didn't they? Now with the addition of the early 20th century minded Chief Justice Roberts and Strip-Search Sammy Alito, it looks like the Supreme Court, kind of like FOX "News", is only an extension of the Republican Party......

Not since the Supreme Court stopped the Florida presidential election recount in 2000 has a voting case been so significant, or so overflowing with partisan bile.

On Wednesday, the justices will hear a challenge to Indiana’s strict law requiring photo identification in order for a voter to cast a ballot at the polls. The state claims the law is necessary to stop voter fraud. Yet no one—not Indiana officials, not the U.S. Justice Department, which has taken the state’s side in the dispute, nor any commission—has come up with a single case in the state’s history in which an imposter showed up and cast a vote. Link

The Supreme Court's role is to handle cases considered to be the MOST IMPORTANT CHALLENGES to our country, not to the Republican Party. Perhaps the conservatives on the bench think those two are the same.

How can it be explained away? How can the Supreme Court force an issue front and center, especially during a general election year, that IS NOT A PROBLEM IN THE SLIGHEST? The only answer I can come up with is that, once again, the conservative jurists know what's best for America in 2008, just like they did in 2000. And what they know that is best for America, just like in 2000, is that the Republican Party must be aided in whatever way the Supremes can lend a hand.

If the conservative majority rules that voter ID is will be a declaration of 'open season' for every voter suppression trick in the book, and some that aren't. How the Supremes can rule that a law, which purports to prevent something that isn't happening, is Constitutional, without coming to terms with the pure political posturing of the law itself.....would be a terrible disservice to the nation. But it would help the Republican Party in their efforts to suppress Democratic I won't be surprised if once again, the Supreme Republican Court, intervenes in a general election season to the advantage of the GOP.

Pay attention to this case. It could set the Karl Rove, Ken Blackwell, Kathryn Harris, Swiftboat hellhounds loose upon the American general election with brand new and exciting scorch-the-earth-of-minority-voters programs.



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