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Surge This

By The Reverend Published: July 24, 2008

CBS joined the McCain campaign the other day by propagandistically editing out an answer by the "straight talker" about George Bush's Iraq escalation tagged "the surge."

Many have suggested CBS consists of a bunch of, you know, liberal communists. I wonder why a bunch of liberal communists would use deceptive propaganda tactics to help John "War" McCain from being embarassed while simultaneously "sticking" it to Obama. I wonder.

Son of Surge seems to have misplaced his surge diary. Or.....the word "surge" can mean whatever little old melanoma head says it means.

The Arizona senator has told reporters during a stop at a super market in Bethlehem, Pa., that what the Bush administration calls "the surge" was actually "made up of a number of components." McCain says some components of the surge began before Bush ordered more U.S. troops into Iraq.
McCain says U.S. Col. Sean MacFarland started carrying out elements of a new counterinsurgency strategy as early as December 2006. Link

For two years I have said that the "surge" was simply a Bush-Cheney political ploy. The branding of a new political word by propagandists like Bush-Cheney can only succeed with the help of fellow deceiver morons in the main media. Deceiver morons like the ones at CBS who edited McCain's Couric interview to stave off Johnny Mac embarassment over his comments about the...wait for it...."surge".

Now, Johnny Mac, following in the footsteps of W., is simply making sh*t up about the "surge".

See, according to the great experienced-in-military-and-foreign-affairs candidate, Bush's "surge", announced in January 2007.....actually began 6-9 months earlier.....and wasn't really a "surge" in the contextual meaning of the word, as in escalation of troops....but instead "the surge" is short for "counterinsurgency". Somehow, in the tiny mind of a man who finished fifth to last in his Naval Academy, the "surge" happened before the Sunni "awakening"....even though the Sunni awakening happened 6-9 months before Commander Guy George announced he would escalate (surge) troops into Iraq in 2007.

Just as words to Bush-Cheney can mean whatever they want them to too with John McCain. While Barack Obama has been under an anally retentive media microscope.....every consonant and vowel analyzed for potential nuance or intent.....JohnBoy McCain can recreate and revise history at will in real time, and the same anally retentive microscope gazers from Knee Pad Land will edit out any potentially damaging clips and rush to the Arizona senator's defense.

And why not.....McCain stocks his campaign bus with good donuts.

For those who would like to brush up on when the "surge" happened and what it meant, you know, from a reality based this video...

Cheesy.....ain't the half of it.



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