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Surging Conspiracy

By The Reverend Published: November 12, 2012

Act two of Kabuki Benghazi is scheduled for this Thursday in the Senate. Kabuki Benghazi, Act One starred Darrell Issa and was absolutely not....pinky attempt to embarrass or do damage to President Obama just before the election.

Act Two of Kabuki Benghazi will star Diane Feinstein and Saxby Chambliss....two veteran corporatist senators who hold their high Senate Intelligence Committee positions in order to better serve the military-industrial complex which put them there.

Complicating matters.....or as you'll see, perhaps, enhancing matters for Republicans.....General Petraeus Maximus has just been caught with his Surge in his hand...or something....and has, post-haste, resigned from his position as CIA Director. You see, Petraeus was scheduled to testify before Feinstein's Kabuki Benghazi committee this Thursday, but now because of the Surge-in-his-hand thing, he won't be.

And that means there's a conspiracy. Gotta be. After all, Obama is a Democratic president, who just won re--election. What other evidence do you need?

So, here's the delightful Monica Crowley, telling audiences that the resignation of Petraeus is not really because of that Surge-in-his-hand thing with a married person by the name of Paula Broadwell....

“Unless Petraeus’s “extramarital affair” was with Vladimir Putin, his resignation is OF COURSE about Benghazi.”

Translation: Unless Petraeus Maximus was having a gay affair with Vladimir Putin.....he resigned so he didn't have to testify on Thursday about Benghazi. Sure.....makes sense....and so classy.

Here's the exponentially delightful, Laura Ingraham....

“COINCIDENCE?! Petraeus is set to testify NEXT week at a closed door session on Capitol Hill abt Benghazi. Did BHO push him out? This stinks!”

Faux-outrage conspiracies are often incorporated in preliminary performances leading up to the featured Kabuki. However, the dance steps are trickier and must only be performed by veteran performers. When it comes to feigning outrage, Ingraham and Crowley are pikers compared to where the boss is still dead, but the crazy afterglow shines on....

“Now that the Obama administration has succeeded in winning a second term, they are cleaning house. The two figures most linked to the disaster in Benghazi, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Petraeus, are gone. The figure most linked with Fast and Furious, Eric Holder, will be gone. The figure most linked to the administration’s economic failures, Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner, will be gone.”

Of course.

Hillary isn't leaving her Sec. of State position because she's been planning to leave after Obama's first know, all along. She's leaving because.....Benghazi. Petraeus did not resign because of the Surge-in-his-hand thing with a person with the last name, Broadwell.....oh, no....Benghazi.

And so it goes. Over on's home page last week they had a question for readers to click and vote on...."Should Obama be impeached over Benghazi?"

Enter The Huckleberry....

"I don't see how in the world you can find out what happened in Benghazi before, during and after the attack if General Petraeus doesn't testify," (Senator Lindsey) Graham told Face the Nation.

Petraeus Maximus has already supported the Obama administration's explanation about a "spontaneous" attack in Benghazi on Sept. 11......

CBS News has learned that Gen. Petraeus visited Libya near the end of October -- and called several members of Congress the week before he resigned, saying that  surveillance video of the Benghazi attack supported an element of spontaneity--as the Obama administration first claimed. At least one Republican reportedly expressed strong disapproval to Petraeus over standing by that analysis.

"At least one Republican"?.....Enter the master Kabuki production team at Fox....this morning....

Congressional leaders say privately they believe they were lied to by Petraeus when he testified shortly after the attack. Some of these members already considered charging Petraeus with perjury, but said they planned to withhold judgment until he testified this week.

Maximus.....lying? How could it be? Must be because Obama had that Surge-in-his-hand thing to hold over the General, right?

Now, Maximus won't be testifying.....and you know what that means. The re-elected Enemy of America, Barack Obama,.....after having hoodwinked clueless voters into giving him four more years in the White House playing 11 dimensional chess again, conspiring to hide, hide, hide......something....probably evil....from the Americans he just got done hoodwinking.

Or, as the same Foxians who led the charge during the late 90's against the terrorist Clenis, put it in this morning's "exclusive"....

All of this raises the question: What was the CIA really doing in Benghazi in addition to searching for Qaddafi’s stash of more than 22,000 shoulder-held missiles that could bring down commercial airplanes, and who in the White House knew exactly what the CIA was up to?

This blogger warned of a House GOP impeachment of Obama should he win re-election. Obama won re-election. The excitables on the right have all the ingredients they think they need now to start their phony dance gig. All that was missing up til now was a good and properly-juicy sex angle. Now with Petreaus' new Surge problem....which COULD mean something, you know, pre-maturely leaked, concerning what REALLY happened in Benghazi......the conspiracy has taken shape.

And honestly....what media outlet is going to ignore a good story, entirely manufactured or not, which involves consensual sex AND Surgest Maximus AND Benghazi AND the puppet-master Obama? It's a prime time news...umm....wet dream.

And all less than two weeks after the re-election of Barack Obama.





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