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Syrian Chemical Weapon Destruction Near Completion

By The Reverend Published: October 23, 2013

I heard Big Blow on Morning Blow yesterday mention something derogatory about President Obama and Syria. The topic wasn't Syria, of course, the topic was the massive, huge, terrible, awful, bad, irresponsible, unaccountable and nation-destroying FAILURE of the ACA exchanges.

The exchanges are not failing because over a half a million Americans have registered already and many states who set up their own state exchanges are experiencing robust Kentucky. Kentucky is signing up 1000 people a day.....yes, per day. The implementation of the exchanges will iron itself out in the same way that George W. Bush's failed launch of Medicare Plan D was corrected.

It's the narrative I want to address today. To do so, let's consider Syria. Blow Scarborough has made it a matter of narrative that President Obama failed, and failed miserably, with the Syrian chemical weapons situation. That is not true, of course, but it quickly became part of Village and anti-Obama lore....much as the non-scandal over the IRS doing their job became a scandal to those same folks. Phony or not....these bogus-bites inhabit most media narratives today as if they are a matter of proven, undeniable fact.

Obama's decision to broker a deal through Russian leader Vlad Putin over Syria's chemical weapons was criticized and mocked to the high heavens by all the usual Republicans, Villagers and AM radio haters. If the subject matter had not been so serious, the mockingbirds in the U.S. would have taken home comedy gold honors.

Don't look now....and many propagandists won't......but Obama's chosen path to destroying Syria's chemical weapons is looking more and more like the correct route.....

....despite widespread predictions that Syria's civil war would make the effort impossible. The U.N. team had set an ambitious goal of disabling all chemical weapons production equipment by Nov. 1 and said it's on track to finish it in time.

Not only a success.......but a success accomplished quickly.

But, could that be possible when Obama "capitulated", "led from behind", "surrendered to Putin", "didn't demonstrate strong leadership", "waffled", etc, nauseum?

By any stretch of the imagination, Obama's decision vis-a-vis Syrian chemical weapons is turning out to be the right decision. I offer that in the full knowledge that in other areas of foreign policy (assassinations of U.S. citizens) and right to privacy (electronic communication hoovering), Obama has failed miserably.

But to Village Blows, Obama bungled the Syrian situation. And that narrative, I'll guaran-goddamn-tee ya, will be THE narrative heard next year, five years from now....15 years from now. It won't be any truer five years from now, etc......but truth has got nothing to do with any of this stuff.

Perception has become reality and it is the job of media to simply, and lazily, accept and replicate that perception as spun out by conservative and anti-progressive Morning & Evening Blows.

The divisions in our country are getting worse at least partially because of this bogus narrative problem. There are millions of Americans right this minute who believe a national narrative that rarely, if ever, actually touches reality. In a few short years, approximately 40% of the population will insist on teaching new students an entirely phony modern history of the United States....much in the same way that new confederates have re-written the narrative of our nation's beginnings in states like Texas.

The end result will be two distinct groups of people with two distinct entirely bogus and one based on real events, objectively tallied. Two groups of Americans who can't possibly communicate with each other because of their divergent views of recent history.

It is this very dynamic that explains why it is virtually impossible to communicate with Tea types. If you've tried, you know what I'm driving at. Teas have a different take on almost every, what used to be, indisputable points of history, economics, the Constitution, science...and so forth.

In the ancient myth of the Tower of Babel, Yahweh allegedly made it so workers on the Tower couldn't communicate with each other any longer....thus shuttering the project. Yahweh "knew" that humans who can't communicate with each other cannot join together to accomplish big things.

Will that be America's destiny, as well?



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