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T.ogether E.nding A.merica Party

By The Reverend Published: March 2, 2011

As I searched, and searched, this past Saturday for teevee coverage of the multi-state, MoveOn organized, protests over Tea Party governors scrapping collective bargaining rights....I caught a portion of CNN's late afternoon programming. CNN devoted approximately 60 seconds to coverage at all of any other state protests (New York had 10,000 protesting)....and then immediately moved on to devote several minutes to the Tea Party's second anniversary.

Yeah, they did.

As many here know, I have been exposing the Tea Party movement for what it truly is for the last 2 years. So, while CNN, an alleged news network, lights the candles on the Tea Party birthday cake and sings exuberant praises to the incoherent Armey-and-Koch-Brother-funded movement....let me once again set the record straight.

Regardless of what you have been told...the Tea Party is simply made up of the more extreme members of the Republican voting block. Made up of primarily white, middle-aged, Republican voters from the middle and upper middle class demographic.....the Tea Party has been, instead, characterized by supporters and Village media as the party of the average American. That characterization has never been accurate.

Launched by an ex-bond trader, now bond analyst on CNBC, Rick Santelli, the Tea Party was sired by an incoherent "rant" of faux-outrage over Cramdown. Cramdown is the utterly-failed program put in place by the Obama administration to attempt to save some homeowners from being foreclosed upon. Santelli was simply oh-so-worked-the-f*ck-up over the prospect of a few homeowners receiving government assistance of any kind to keep them in their homes. The wealthy teevee talker suggested, for the first time, organizing Boston Tea Party-type protests, perhaps starting in Chicago.

While admitting that Cramdown has failed, mainly because of the Obama administration's inability to get banks to cooperate,'s worth noting that at the conception of the Tea Party, what was in dispute was government attempting to attenuate the mortgage crisis.

We have since learned, of course, that mortgage brokers, appraisers, real estate personnel, banksters and others actually orchestrated a massive fraud against mortgage applicants....a fraud which stretched from the criminal activity of Countrywide's CEO to the insider trading of Goldman Sachs traders.

Then came the incoherence. A few short weeks after Santelli's choregraphed stunt, Tea Party groups began holding their first "protests" against the Obama Obama administration which had not yet finished it's second month. Gone were any indications of outrage over Cramdown.

Now it was all about TAXES.

It was then that we saw the Taxed Enough Already signs. Get it? T.E.A. The incoherent part was the fact that neither Obama nor Democrats had raised taxes in the first 2 months of their new majority. Just the opposite was true. Obama had actually lowered the payroll tax for 95% of American workers....saving the average worker about $400 per year.

But, regardless of the facts, the Taxed Enough Already signs kept coming. More incoherent hilarity ensued. "Taking our country back" along with "Don't tread on me" flags cropped up.....muddled talk about liberty.....references to the Bush-originated TARP bailout....more references to the now-successful automaker bailout.....and then finally, after wandering aimilessly and incoherently in the protest-wilderness they had carved for themselves.....the Tea Party arrived at an issue all their members could hate.

Obama's fulfillment of a primary campaign promise to reform the nation's broken health care insurance system. That was more than these mad-as-hell folks could stand. Death panels, guntoting, townhall bustups and talk of 2nd amendment remedies followed. All over expanding the number of Americans who had access to health care insurance.

Last November, aided by wall to wall coverage warmly extended to Tea Party types by our corrupt corporate media, Republicans regained the U.S House and bolstered their state legislature and governship majorities. Tea Partiers were promised by GOP candidates that they would, if elected, rescind ObamaCare, unravel new bankster regulations, and....cut spending.

No longer was the Tea Party all about Cramdown....or taxes....or even health was now all about government spending and deficits.

Republicans, who watched silently from the sidelines while Obama's predecessor doubled the national debt in 8 years funding wars of choice, Medicare Plan D and the lowest tax rates in modern history with a Platinum Charge Card.....were....suddenly....outraged over government spending and budget deficits.

Now we know what the Tea Party is really all about. In the first two months of Tea Party Republicanism we have witnessed attempts to radically limit a woman's access to reproductive care....inserting government in between a woman and her doctor. We have witnessed a concerted effort....some say damage the Democratic Party through eliminating collective bargaining rights for union workers. We have witnessed a Neo-Confederacy nullification attempt by 26 red state attorneys general....hellbent on finding a judge, any judge, who will say for the record that ObamaCare is unconstitutional. It isn't.

Deficit-hawking Tea Partiers, oh-so-distraught over deficits and debt, cheered for two more years of government borrowing to extend tax cuts primarily helping the top 3%.

Tea Partiers claiming unwaverable allegiance to the Constitution have proposed eliminating several amendments OF the Constitution. A few of the new Tea Party-elected U.S. senators are openly challenging minimum wage laws, child labor laws, civil rights laws, unemployment laws, Medicare and Social Security......claiming that all of those laws and programs are unconstitutional.

Which brings me full circle to today's title.

The Tea Party movement is a shrewdly camoflauged stunt movement made up of radical-right Republican voters. Their incoherent flitting about in search of a cause to protest has resulted in their own full exposure. They don't care one damn about Cramdown, deficits, the Constitution, or liberty. What they care about is taking back "their" country from being ruled by elected Democrats.

Now we know what taking back their country, Buddha forbid, will look like. Now we know what the TEA in Tea Party means.

T.ogether E.nding we have known it.



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