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Tactics Appealing To Hate And Intolerance

By The Reverend Published: March 10, 2008

From a Digby post....

Ballot initiatives have been proposed in Arizona, Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma that would give voters the chance to decide whether they want to do away with affirmative action in government-funded projects and public schools. Link

Perhaps there's still ample time for Ohio, the state where intolerance and hatefulness is already embedded in law, to get in on this liberty-ballot-initiative-train.

Conservatives, and specifically the new brand of modern conservatives, require initiatives appealing to hate and intolerance to be placed on ballots. This tactic usually results in a higher turnout of wingnut evangelical voters. These values voters will always place value in intolerance and hate. And even when unmotivated by lackluster pseudo-conservative candidates, like John McCain, the values crowd can usually be motivated to come out and vote for intolerance. After all, intolerance and exclusivity is what makes the heart of proseltyzing religion, you know, beat.

Let's review the targets of hatefulness currently in vogue within the modern conservative movement.

First, there's the Muslim hate. It goes like this....America is a Christian nation....Muslims attacked us on 9-11....America must now hate Muslims and do everything within it's power to kill extremist Muslims while punishing as many members of Islam as possible in the process. Captured Muslims must be tortured, even though America never endorsed torture before.

If an upstart politician with a Muslim sounding name gains traction with American voters, these modern conservatives must bring that 9-11 Muslim hate down on him, no matter what. Thus the repetition of Obama's middle name and the endless cycle of lies claiming that Obama's allegiance lies with extremist Islam. Steve King (Asshole Republican-Iowa) recently demonstrated how this form of hate works.

Second, there's the intolerance and hatefulness towards homosexuals. Witness the success in Ohio-Mississippi. (Yes, that's one state). I believe Ohio joined in with 17 other Karl Rove instigated state hate initiatives in 2004. The excuse given was that marriage must be protected. Of course, that was a ridiculous excuse, but no matter, it worked out for the haters.

Just as soon as the hateful conservatives in Ohio and in other states found out they could vote against the queers and those living in "sin", they started putting on their boots to go to the polls. This patriotic display of hate and intolerance certainly helped out with the re-election of the criminal George W. Bush. Hey, hate works. That's why modern conservatives embrace it.

Third, the newest target for conservative hate....Latinos. The conservatives really, really wanted to feature Latino hate this election cycle. Coming attractions had Latino hatefulness soaring to the top of the intolerance agenda. Screecher right wing intolerance radio warmed up the audience for the onslaught. But then a funny thing happened on the way to casting votes for hate. John McCain took the GOP nomination. As you know, McCain had a difficult time at first because he didn't demonstrate enough intolerance towards undocumenteds. He led the effort for.....dare I say it.....amnesty. The Straight Talker has been since forced to straighten out his tolerant ways or be mocked by those voters who always vote for intolerance.

Lastly, when in doubt....hate the blacks. Always a good target for righteous, advantaged, conservative whites. If the conservative movement of intolerance cannot parade undocumented Latinos before Americans as their latest group to be despised and rejected as second class creatures (because McCain, you know, voted for amnesty).....then blacks will do just fine as a replacement.

That brings us to the "strike down affirmative action now" state initiative proposals. The anti-American and intolerant Chief Justice John Roberts has already thrown down over this affirmative action topic. The intolerant and hateful modern conservatives are simply following his lead. Roberts ruled last year, along with his fringe right bench buddies, that attempts to integrate schools is really only favoritism towards a minority and injustice to the majority.

Building on that hateful and intolerant position taken by the Supreme Far-Right Court, state conservatives have come up with a plan to spread the Roberts love, and get evangelical and garden variety haters out to vote at the same time. Hell, if Roberts can strike down school integration, the intolerant and hateful thinking must have gone, the states can put blacks back where they belong about this affirmative action stuff. Thus, the 5 state initiatives to strike down affirmative action.

These hateful leaders, within the overall intolerant and hateful conservative movement, calculated that with an integration rejecting Roberts Court....they could get away with an obvious attempt to re-institutionalize hatefulness. And bring out those hateful and intolerant values voters at the same time. Kind of a two for one Blue Light hate special.

That's the other value of the modern conservative movement, they like bargains.



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