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Taking Advice From "Experts"

By The Reverend Published: June 14, 2014

If you look at today's AB Journal opinion page you will find two op-eds addressing the current flareup in Iraq. One op-ed is written by David Ignatius, the other by David Brooks. Both men helped promote the Iraq invasion in 2002-2003.

Therein lies the problem with US. media. The very people who were entirely wrong in their "expertise" and opinions about Saddam, and WMD and how the U.S. invasion was going to be such a glorious cakewalk of U.S. exceptionalism.....are the same people Professional Media again relies upon for "expert" opinion on Iraq today.

Accountability, at least for the Very Serious People who allegedly practice journalism, has been officially pronounced dead.

What I think is even worse is that, apparently, Professional Media consider their "customers" ignorant suckers who don't have the brain power to remember what happened yesterday.

Let's say you are in need of expert advice on a home wiring project. You need to hookup a brand new kitchen stove and you need advice on how to run a new 220 volt circuit. You ask your electrician neighbor for expert advice and you follow his advice to the letter. The night following the completion of your project, your house burns down, killing everyone in your family but you....and the cause of the fire is found to be the new, wrongly wired 220 plug.

How anxious would you be to ask for further electrical advice from your electrician neighbor?

If you happen to be the VSP's of today's professional media, even though the advice you were given by your professional neighbor resulted in a terrible, yet entirely avoidable should continue to take professional electrical advice from your neighbor. That sounds crazy, I know.....but that is exactly what has been happening the last few days over deadly violence inside of Iraq.

Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Judith Miller(!), Rummy and Cheney, Bloody Bill Kristol, Doug Feith, Ari Fleischer, all been rushed in front of microphones and cameras these last few days to give "expert" advice on what to do in Iraq......when it was those very same folks who were directly responsible for enthusiastically putting their stamp of approval on an international crime that resulted in the unnecessary deaths of nearly 4500 U.S. soldiers....over 100,000 dead Iraqi civilians....and a hopelessly destroyed nation of Iraq.

What's strange here is that Obama told us he wanted to "look forward-not backward" when he refused to prosecute the crimes of his predecessor's administration. And now, after "looking forward"......the former Bushies all comfortably situated in "expert", and lucrative, roles across our Professional Media landscape.....we are all being forced to "look backward" anyway. But....and this is hard to stomach.....not to hold the neo-con criminals and the VSP's in media to account.....but instead, to offer their "expertise" on how to deal with the smoldering crime scene they were responsible for creating in the first place.

Talk about rubbing salt in a wound.

Now back to my electrical project analogy. Let's say your electrician neighbor PURPOSELY misled you by giving you incorrect instructions on how to wire up a new 220 volt stove plug. In the fire investigation which follows, you discover that, while difficult to believe, your neighbor had ulterior motives which were unknown to you before the fire. You discover that your neighbor actually had designs on your property all along and took the opportunity of your wiring project to further those designs. The electrician's instructions were a design.

If you are an important member of the VSP media club, and at least are aware of the evidence against the electrician neighbor, your path forward is clear. Invite the electrician neighbor to give his "professional" advice about any and all future electrical fires.

This makes sense, how? I have no effing clue.....but it is the reality we are faced with. Former Bush officials cannot travel to certain countries of the world for fear of being arrested and tried for war crimes.....but inside American media headquarters, those war criminals are still enthusiastically called upon to offer "expert" advice on what to do with the crime scene that their "expert" advice helped to create.

It actually doesn't get any crazier than that.



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