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Taking O.J.'s Place

By The Reverend Published: November 21, 2008

I see five Algerians were released from the American gulag.....

For the first time, a federal judge today ordered the release of alleged enemy combatants from the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, ruling that the government had provided insufficient evidence to continue their detentions.

Glennzilla takes it from there....

The five men ordered released today have been imprisoned in a cage by the Bush administration for 7 straight years without being charged with any crimes and without there being any credible evidence that they did anything wrong. If the members of Congress who voted for the Military Commissions Act had their way, or if the four Supreme Court Justices in the Boumediene minority had theirs, the Bush administration would nonetheless have been empowered to keep them encaged indefinitely, for the rest of their lives if desired, without ever having to charge them with any crime or allow them to step foot into a courtroom to petition for habeas corpus.

And who voted for the Military Commissions Act, anyway?.....

In addition to every Republican Senator (except Chafee), those voting to authorize that repellent power include Jay Rockefeller, Ken Salazar, Tom Carper, Ben and Bill Nelson, Debbie Stabenow, and Joe Lieberman. Link

Makes that group hug by the Senate Democrats with Joe Lieberman in the middle extra special, doesn't it?

As more and more scum from the sewer that is the Bush administration is scraped up and exposed to the sunlight.....more and more true crime scene accounts kept under wraps or simply uninvestigated by the corporate whores we call our media, will be laid out before America's eyes. Whistleblowers in the CIA, I'm reading, are lining up for depositions immediately after January 20. I expect that we'll find out the details of about 50-60% of the crimes committed during the worst presidential administration in American history. It won't be pretty.

I've already given in to the fact that W. and his Big Dick will never be held accountable for any of their monstrous acts. That unaccountability will lead to an O.J. Simpson-like situation. Now, another unpunished multiple felon, W., will roam about freely knowing that he is guilty and knowing that the public knows he's guilty. Perhaps, W. can ring up ole' O.J. and ask him how everything has been going since he was acquitted for the two murders he committed. The two men have much in common.

Bush, like Simpson, will wake up every morning knowing full well that 75% of the nation detests him for his crimes of unjust and fraudulent wars of choice, torture, rendition, Guantanomo, spying on Americans, and basic Constitution shredding. George W. Bush will know in that concrete brain of his that his presidency has left the nation in historic shambles. Bush, like Simpson, in all of his remaining miserable days on this earth, will have to think about how he, singlehandedly and for all eternity, destroyed a once honorable legacy name. Bush family reunions just....I don't know....won't be the same, I'm guessing. George will never admit or acknowledge, naturally, that any of that bothers him.....but it will. All I can say is, whatever mental suffering that Bush the Younger endures won't nearly be enough.

The same goes for the Senate Republican Rubber Stamp Marching Band. While Big Time Dick and little cowpoke, W., were conducting their multiple felonies, the Marching Band stood watch at the door to make sure the capers went off smoothly. They were assisted, as usual, by a handful of spineless Democrats and, of course, Joe Neo-con Lieberman.

To those who would want to quibble over the ideological mindset of the judge who set the five Algerians free....there's this.....

Judge Leon is a Bush-43 appointed Judge known as a right-wing ideologue and known for ruling in favor of the Government and for expansive executive power. He was Deputy Chief counsel for the Republicans on the Iran-Contra Committee in 1987, was Special Counsel to the Senate Banking Committee for the Whitewater investigation, and worked for both the Reagan and Bush 41 Justice Departments.


Despite the above fact, notice the headline on page A4 of today's Beacon Journal about this story....."Judge sides with terror suspects" Notice that the Beacon didn't choose to headline with..... 'Judge sides with the law', or, 'Judge releases detainees because of total lack of evidence'. If the judge that George W. Bush appointed, and who has sided with W.'s purported kingly powers up til now, decided that Bush had simply gone too far in violation of basic law with these 5 Algerians.....then the judge, by definition, must be "siding with the terrorists." That's the same tune the GOP Rubber Stamp Marching Band played for 8 years while trying to keep us all properly, you know, scared. Anyone who objected to lawlessness during that time was "aiding" or "assisting", or just plain "siding" with the terrorists.

The very reason Mr. 22% Approval Rating got away so long with his many crimes.....was because of a wimp-ass main media too afraid, or too intellectually compromised, to tell it's audiences the whole truth. Glenn Greenwald's comment referring to the druthers of four Supremes, all GOP Senators and a handful of spineless Democrats.....wanting to keep all detainees locked up forever, guilty or not....also applies to main media people who print headlines like, "Judge sides with terror suspects."



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