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Taking Off The Masks

By The Reverend Published: March 30, 2011

We see it in Wisconsin where a neo-confederate Tea Party Republican Governor, beholden to billionaires and drunk on radical supply side ideology, has brazenly attacked the right of people who work for a living from collectively bargaining.

We see it in Ohio where a midget of a man, Republican John Kasich, former snake oil salesman for Wall Street, proudly sticks out his little man chin and dares Ohioans who work for a living to stop his effort to take away benefits and rights they've worked hard over decades to preserve.

We see it in Michigan where an absolute goddamn nutcase, Republican Rick Snyder, is moving ahead to crown himself King of Michigan.....all under the fig leaf of some cockamamie, pre-emptive "fiscal emergency" doctrine.

Republicans, perhaps emboldened by the fierce and hateful audacity of their extreme radical right base.....self-labeled the Tea Party.....are no longer attempting to hide their ugly, divisive and greed-fueled intentions.

They have finally taken off their masks.

Time was when Republicans accepted the common good, the United part of the United States, the basic democratic notion of compromise and negotiations. But no more. Perhaps it was the cowboy, go-it-alone, our-way-or-no-way, cocksure, treasonous actions of the former Bush administration which signaled the taking off of the masks. Perhaps it was the election of the new ethnic President Obama, the man instantly labeled to be "not one of us" by the extremists in our midst.

Whatever triggered the unmasking, the modern Republican Party's ugliness is now on full spectrum display and being broadcast in Techno-freaking-color.

Consider what's now happening in the state of Indiana. Indiana's government is controlled by Republicans. Six years ago GOP Governor Mitch Daniels banned collective bargaining for state employees. Indiana hasn't fared any better than other states during the Great Recession, proving that collective bargaining rights didn't cause Indiana's economic malaise....but facts no longer matter to the neo-confederates.

And so now we find Mitch Daniels, proudly demasked, about to detonate the next neo-confederate IED on Indiana's public school system.

Indiana's Republican leadership is pushing ahead with a proposal that would be the nation's broadest use of school vouchers, allowing even middle-class families to use taxpayer money to send their kids to private schools.

Originally, when private-everything Republicans introduced the concept of school vouchers, we were told it was all about helping those poor urban children who were hopelessly lost in those inner-city public school cesspools. That was when the masks were still in place covering the real intentions of the Republican Party. But now, in Indiana's Republican demask mode we find....

Unlike other systems that are limited to lower-income households, children with special needs or those in failing schools, this one would be open to a much larger pool of students, including those whose parents earn up to $60,000 a year. And within three years, there would be no limit on the number of children who could enroll.

What's the real goal here?

.....public-school advocates and many Democrats have long opposed large-scale voucher programs, saying they could siphon tax money from local districts, potentially leading to a steep decline in the quality of education.

''It's a national agenda,'' said Senate Minority Leader Vi Simpson, a Democrat from Bloomington. ''And I think Indiana is the victim of it.''

Siphoning money from the public school systems in Indiana is a feature, not a bug. In so doing, public schools will find it more and more difficult to perform their duties.....which will lead, like in Michigan and elsewhere, to "emergency" situations where schools can be closed, unilaterally, by the state.....thus dissolving any remnants of the common good, the collective, in education.

And what will Indiana....and eventually all of left with?

Privatized K-12 educational systems. Why? Profits for a handful of already very rich Republican voters. Self-radicalized capitalists....the kind that came within an eyelash of destroying the U.S. in the so-called mortgage crisis.....believe in one religious tenet.

Any time money changes hands.....profits MUST be made. These dangerous self-radicalized capitalists....who now control the U.S. government and write our federal laws...see the money changing hands between state tax coffers and public school systems, and they drool over the potential.

These are the same people who reject Social Security and claim, falsely, that it is bankrupt. Why? Because their lust to gain access to the Social Security revenue stream is all-consuming.....their uncontrollable and dehumanizing greed to privatize that SS revenue stream has destroyed any lingering misgivings they might have once had for the common good, the collective.

They are now unmasked. Naked, yet shameless, before us in all of their horrible greedy ugliness. Spouting falsehood after falsehood without if possessed by Twilight Zone demons.

Our only hope is that big-screen teevee absorbed American voters will recognize the ugliness of these unmasked Republicans, rise up in revulsion of what they see.....and boot their privatizing asses out of any responsible representative office next fall.



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