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Talking Duck

By The Reverend Published: December 20, 2013

How is it that certain stories catch fire and spread rapidly while others of more significance and import usually don't? Heck if I know....but it's happened again in these past few days.

Everybody is talking about the Ducks. I have no idea who the Ducks are or what Dynasty they may have going. Frankly, I don't give a hoot....or a honk....or a quack. Some guy by the name of Phil Robertson was suspended from the A&E program because of some stuff he said in an interview with GQ. The stuff Robertson said included casting male homosexual behavior in, lets' say, a negative light.....the expected backlash came quickly.....A&E suspended Robertson from the show.

Robertson joins a long, long list of people who appear on teevee being suspended or removed for saying stuff others disapprove of. The only reason Papa Duckster caught his beard in the media wringer this time was because of his rather descriptive comments about gay sex.

But Papa Duck is a self-proclaimed "born again" Christian. His suspension, then, has been interpreted by fellow "born agains" as a form of persecution of Christian believers. Within fundamentalist Christianity it is considered a duty to speak out against "evil." An obligation. In so doing, fundamentalist Christians are told they are bearing witness to their lord, Jesus of Nazareth.

In the midst of our national transition to marriage equality, fundamentalists have been overly concerned that they will be prevented from speaking out against the "evils" of homosexuality. In their way of thinking, THEY are the victims in our national move towards marriage equality. Phil Robertson's suspension, to these fundamentalists, is a leading indicator of what's to come.

Yes, even fundamentalist Christians who want to testify for their lord publicly by condemning others who aren't like them have first amendment rights to speak their mind. And those same folks must also deal with the consequences of their speech.

Having said all you think the Duck story warrants 846 million hits when you type "what duck dynasty got wrong" on the Google?

But.....did you here about the for-profit company which sells names of rape victims and HIV patients for 7.9 cents per name? Now there's a story for ya'....and the word "anus" never appears once, either.

“The data broker industry as it is today, does not have constraints and it does not have shame,” she (Pam Dixon) explained. “It will sell any information about any person regardless of sensitivity for 7.9 cents a name, which is the price of a list of rape sufferers which was recently sold.”

Boot strapping entrepreneurs or non-taker job creators? You decide.

Profits over people.....and there isn't a story today which illustrates and amplifies that truth more than a story about selling lists of rape victim names for 7.9 cents a piece. But wait there's more....

“Lists of rape sufferers, victims of domestic violence, police officers’ home addresses, people who suffer from genetic illnesses,” Dixon continued. “Complete with names, home addresses, ethnicity, gender and many other factors. This is what’s being sold and circulated today.”

Destructive capitalism or just plain "evil?" Again, you decide.

One thing is for sure, however.....this story will get very little attention from the Serious. The Serious are busy talking Duck.

Greed leads humans to a point where they will do anything for profit. Anything. Capitalism, left unchecked and on its own, will destroy everything good about life. It's simply the nature of the greed beast. Why do you think it's listed as one of the seven deadly sins? What do you think Pope Francis has been talking about recently?

Capitalism, left to its own devices, dehumanizes all flesh. Profits become all consuming.....which leads to justifying any endeavor that will produce more profits....which leads to companies selling names of rape victims and HIV patients for...profit.

If you constantly wonder how conservatives of today can act and talk so shamelessly about the unfortunate, poor and vulnerable among us....wonder no more. Greed dehumanizes not only the victims but the exploiters of victims, as well. Addiction to profits and greed often leads seemingly normal people to treat fellow humans as a a box of soap....whose names are worthy of marketing to make others wealthy. Even to the point of profiting from the miserable situations victims of crime or disease find themselves in.

The Duck not a story worthy of more than a quick overview. The selling of the names of rape-victims, HIV patients, victims of domestic violence, and people who suffer from genetic a story about the way our country's economic powers prioritize profits over people. A story which should be running today on a 24/7 loop.

One story is much to do about very little......the other exposes our nation's ugly capitalist underbelly.

Now you know why everyone would rather talk Duck this week.



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