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Tampons, Dowel Rods & Guns

By The Reverend Published: January 25, 2014

Maybe it's because of 9-11. Perhaps some of it is because a black president sits in the White House. Perchance it just could be all because of America's god...profits.

But one thing is certain. Our county is losing it's collective mind over guns.

It seems that members of the group, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, entered the Virginia state capitol on Monday to celebrate MLK Day. But these brazen Moms were carrying little American flags affixed to little dowel rod-type sticks for the purpose of, you know, waving. But.....

In Virginia, visitors to the state legislature cannot bring American flags and signs affixed to sticks, because capitol security considers sticks a public threat. Firearms, however, are allowed.

The Moms had to dismantle the dowel rods from their flags before entering the capitol because those "sticks" are considered to be too dangerous and just might be used by a ne'r-do-well to harm someone.

While the moms tore out the dowels of their flags, capitol grounds visitors with firearms were ushered through the entrance. That day, Virginia Citizens Defense League and other gun rights groups organized a “Guns Save Lives” day. The Richmond Times-Dispatch reported that about half of the crowd was armed, packing weapons that ranged from handguns to assault rifles.

This caused Mom Demand Action member Geena Reeder to offer this......

“We are sending a message that you cannot hand carry an American flag into a state capitol, but you can bring a loaded weapon,” Reeder told ThinkProgress. “Are guns becoming more patriotic than an American flag?"

Now, it's true that the Moms could carry their little flags into Virginia's capitol building...just not the sticks. Because...sticks and stones can break bones but guns can only kill and maim?? I have no idea.

But this is clear evidence that Americans have lost their collective minds over guns.

If you think that Virginia story is a bit crazy, then you're gonna love this Texas story from last July.....

Heard of Wendy Davis? She's the Texas state senator who filibustered Texas Republicans radical abortion restrictions last summer. She's now running for governor in the Lone Star State.

Wendy Davis' filibuster was cheered on by hundreds of like-minded protesters in the capitol gallery. That angered many Texas Republican war-on-women soldiers, so they did this....

Senate officials are confiscating any objects they believe may cause a similar disruption in the gallery during Friday’s vote. Protesters aren’t allowed to carry water bottles or even feminine hygiene products, just in case they might throw them at lawmakers.

Never know when a flying tampon might put somebody's eye out...right? And don't get me started on the inherent safety hazards of those maxi-pad WMD.

I know you're anxiously awaiting the punch here it Texas....

Individuals with concealed carry licenses are permitted to bring their guns into the Senate gallery.

This obvious insanity isn't limited to red states either. From the MLK weekend comes this report....

The same weekend, gun violence prevention activists faced a similar situation in the Washington state capitol. Moms Demand Action’s Washington Chapter Leader Kate Beck said the group arrived to lobby the capitol for gun violence action, only to find out all signs with sticks could not be carried inside. However, Washington state allows firearms on its capitol campus.

Tampons, maxi pads and short, quarter inch diameter wooden sticks are just to god-awful dangerous to be allowed into state capitol buildings.....but guns with bullets, which only have one purpose, killing and maiming, are permissible.

Leaves one speechless, doesn't it? It's akin to a sick way naturally....the old adage. Sticks and stones, and tampons and maxi-pads, may break my bones but guns will never hurt me. You see, because "guns save lives" but tampons might poke someone's eye out.

Yes, a lot of this insanity has been encouraged by the right's obsession with promoting fear....but I think Hunter over at DailyKos had it right when he wrote this.....

The lesson of all of this is that we really are that insane. You are not allowed to carry anything in certain portions of the public square that someone might suspect could be used as a weapon, but the almighty gun is sacrosanct, and trumps all other public safety laws. It is not a weapon, so say we all, it is shiny metal Freedom.

There's no possible defense here. It's just fetishism.

Or, as Wikipedia explains....

A fetish is an object believed to have supernatural powers, or in particular, a man-made object that has power over others.

Yep, that's it alright.



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