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Tasering Pregnant Women

By The Reverend Published: March 27, 2010

Do you want to read a news story that is guaranteed to frost your cookies? You know you do....

From Seattle....

Malaika Brooks was driving her son to Seattle's African American Academy in 2004 when she was stopped for doing 32 mph in a school zone. She insisted it was the car in front of her that was speeding, and refused to sign the ticket because she thought she'd be admitting guilt.

Rather than give her the ticket and let her go on her way, the officers decided to arrest her. One reached in, turned off her car and dropped the keys on the floor. Brooks stiffened her arms against the steering wheel and told the officers she was pregnant, but refused to get out, even after they threatened to stun her.

The officers — Sgt. Steven Daman, Officer Juan Ornelas and Officer Donald Jones — then stunned her three times, in the thigh, shoulder and neck, and hauled her out of the car, laying her face-down in the street.

Pissed yet? Now go read the absolutely horrendous decision by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.....ruling that the police officers had every right to do what they did.

The U.S. has been moving ever-so-slowly towards a police-state most of my adult life. The frequent use of Tasers, or stun guns, by police is a prime example of that movement.

Far and away, most police officers do the right thing and make the proper judgments. However, sending 50,000 volts of electricity into a pregnant speeder for not signing her traffic ticket shouldn't even require a court case, let alone a couple of detached, disgusting judges stating that it was okay for the officers to partially electrocute a pregnant woman.

We've seen enough of this Cheneyesque justice.

Police use of Tasers should be outlawed altogether.



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