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Tax Exempt Teas Protest In Cincy

By The Reverend Published: May 28, 2013

When the followers of Sarah Palin's vice-presidential campaign in 2008 came to the realization that a black Democrat had defeated Sister Sarah and the old white guy she was running with.....there was much sadness in faith-based conservative land. Until Palin, no other vice-presidential candidate in modern U.S. history drew larger crowds at campaign rallies than the presidential candidate.

The crowds we witnessed at Palin/McCain rallies were brimming with excitement and hope.....finally, one of their own.....a faith-based, science denying, abortion hating, know-nothing Republican.....had been selected to run for the office one heartbeat away from the presidency.

Think I'm exaggerating? Go here and watch and listen to Palin fans at a Strongsville, Ohio rally in 2008. Here's one blogger's firsthand take.......

"Tim Russo at Blogger Interrupted captured the breathtaking ignorance that presides over most McCain/Palin rallies. The base is in rare hate-filled form......There really is no wonder the crowds have turned into near lynch mobs. Between the rhetoric of the two candidates and the ignorance of the crowds, it would only take the slightest match to set off this powder keg of racial intolerance and religious fear mongering."

Three months later many of those same uninformed and confused folks began carrying around Taxed Enough Already and Don't Tread on Me signs and flags, wearing tri-cornered hats tricked out with hanging teabags..... as the angry and confused Palin campaign followers officially morphed into an anti-President Obama protest group, where they have resided now for four years.

Fast forward. A few hundred Tea Party protesters gathered outside the Cincinnati IRS office last Tuesday. Protesters held signs which read "Internal Rigging Service" and "Tyranny" and other trite sayings similar to ones offered up by the Tea Party Home Room Mom, Sarah Palin, in here weekly Twitter and Facebook entries.

But as we're finally learning from corporate media, if any "rigging" was being attempted it was being attempted by conservative Tea Party and Patriot groups either ignorant of what activities a "social welfare" tax-exempt group are legally permitted to do....or gaming the system wholesale and with forethought, in the hopes of winning elections and Republicans taking power.

You tell the following an example of an uninformed, "breathtakingly ignorant" conservative guy...or a too-clever-by-half guy seeking to manipulate the system......

Tom Zawistowski, president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition, another Tea Party group that has complained about the scrutiny it received from the I.R.S., sent out regular e-mails to members about Romney campaign events and organized protests around the state to “demand the truth about Benghazi” when Mr. Obama visited before the 2012 election. The coalition also canvassed neighborhoods, handing out Romney campaign “door hangers,” Mr. Zawistowski said.

The I.R.S. usually considers such activities to be partisan. But when Mr. Zawistowski consulted his group’s lawyers, he said, he came away understanding that the I.R.S. was most concerned with radio or television advertising. He said he believed that other activities, like distributing literature for the Romney campaign, would not raise concerns.

“It’s not political activity,” he said.

Dumber than a box of very hard rocks? OR, sly like a fox? You decide.

Finally, Tea sympathizers dislike it when I mention anything about Teas carrying loaded semi-automatic AR-15's to political rallies.....or mention the implicit threat found in Teas repeating the "tree of liberty......refreshed with blood from time to time" meme. Apologists for the Teas tell me that violence and threats of violence have nothing, whatsoever, to do with their core purpose or methods.

Again, you decide......from the Tea protest of the IRA last Tuesday in Cincy....

One protester wearing a red shirt covered in American flags and a hat that said “Cincinnati Tea Party” said it would take “lone wolves” engaging in radical acts such as sending envelopes with white powder to members of Congress to get the nation to demand a stop to the kinds of situations that occurred at the Cincinnati branch of the IRS.

“That’s the type of thing that’s going to have to occur. How else are you going to get their attention,” said the man, who refused to give his name but said he lived in Cincinnati. “If it doesn’t become aggressive and threaten people it’s not going to mean anything.”



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