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Tax-Shifting To Reward Rich Unpopular

By The Reverend Published: April 9, 2013

Here in Ohio, GOP Governor Kasich is desperately seeking a path to reward the richest in the Buckeye State by cutting the state's income tax. One of the governor's plans is to spread the state's sales tax to services like hair salons, accountants, make up for the loss in revenue by lowering the state income tax.

Kasich's plan is regressive and is intended to be. It's a state version of "broadening the base and lowering rates". Coming up with tax-shifting schemes to further burden the have-nots while bringing "freedom" to rich "job creators" has become a full time job for Republican leaders nationwide.

Take GOP Governor Bobby Jindal for instance. The Louisiana governor, the Mr. Rogers impersonator who gave the GOP response to President Obama's 2009 State of the Union address, is all about regressive taxation. What's interesting is that no pressure to decrease or eliminate the state's income tax is coming from.....inside the state.

"A lot of the pressure seems to be coming from national  groups. It's hard to find a constituency in Louisiana that was  demanding an end to the income tax," said Jan Moller, director  of the nonprofit Louisiana Budget Project, which advocates for  raising revenue to provide more services.

Jindal, apparently, is trying to please national GOP movers and shakers with his regressive tax policies. Movers and shakers who may be interested in supporting Jindal for national office consideration.....if Jindal can prove he is willing to call for tax cuts on the rich...even when no one else in his state is calling for them. Jindal has to make his bones, so to speak.

Gov. Jindal's tax reform plan for Louisiana....

....would do away with all state personal and  corporate income taxes. It also calls for a 56-percent increase  in the state sales tax, a much higher cigarette tax, and the  elimination of some tax loopholes to make up the $3 billion  shortfall from scrapping the income taxes.

Stop me if you've heard this one.....but Jindal's 'thinking' was that by eliminating any income or corporate taxes in the state, and by placing the state's tax burden on average and poor working families, the state.....

....would attract business by  making Louisiana competitive with states such as oil-rich  neighbor Texas, which has no income tax. (And the worst safety net in the nation)

That, in a nutshell, is the 21st century Republican Party agenda. Not complicated. Not complex or hard to follow. Cut all taxes on already-rich people and make the non-rich pay the shortfall.

How are Louisiana citizens receiving Jindal's "let the non-rich eat cake" tax-shifting policy ideas? So glad you asked.....

Recent polling has Bobby Jindal with a 38% approval rating in his state. Even the loathed Barack Obama polls higher in the state than Jindal.

What about Jindal's plan to shift the responsibility for state taxes to average, non-rich Louisianans?

63% of state citizens in Louisiana oppose Gov. Jindal's 'eliminate the income tax and shift tax responsibilities away from the rich'...plan. 63%.....oppose it....and Louisiana is a red state.

Republican tax-shifting and redistributive policies.....are not popular with the American people. Sure, those policies are popular with the rich few who pay for people like Jindal to get elected.....but the rest of us shouldn't give those policies the time of day. Same old supply-side give-away-ism that has never worked to lift average workers or average all of human history....anywhere.

Now even red state citizens are catching on to the GOP tax-shifting scam.......and, looking forward, that doesn't bode well for the party of the rich.





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