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Tea Ball, 2nd Inning

By The Reverend Published: September 30, 2010

Yesterday and today I am blogging about the Portage County Tea Party. My intention is to inform anyone interested in finding out what it is that the Partyers really stand for. National Tea Party Senate candidates, such as Sharron Angle, Joe Miller, Rand Paul and Christine O'Donnell refuse to answer media questions, I suppose, to avoid having to explain their extremely radical positions on many policy issues. So, The Reverend has to do their job for them.

Continuing, then, with what the Portage County Tea Party lists as their "beliefs"......

Reducing Government spending

This "belief", according to my blog bud, King, is the Tea Party's reason for being. This "belief" finds it's juice from Obama's stimulus spending bill.

While reducing government spending in good times is a healthy thing to do, it is just the opposite when times are bad, like now. The stimulus bill was necessary to replace demand lost because of the failures of the U.S. banking system. How big was the threat before TARP and the Obama stimulus?

According to Representative Paul Kanjorski, speaking on C-SPAN in January 2009, the collapse of Lehman Brothers precipitated a $550 billion run on the money market funds on Thursday, September 18.

In one day. I include this in order to illustrate the magnitude of the crisis major Wall Street banksters put the country in by their reckless behavior.

My point is that government spending was absolutely essential in early 2009 to prevent a dustbowl of national economic depression. Anyone who thinks that a $550 billion run on money market funds in one day foreshadowed anything other than a national disaster......doesn't have a clue.

Secondly, on this specific "belief", Tea Party advocates say they are Taxed Enough Already. Tea Partyers believe in lower taxes. Most TP'ers do not want the Bush-era tax cuts to expire.....even though prolonging those tax cuts will mean that the federal government will have to borrow almost $4 trillion more over the next 10 years.....spending all of it on paying for those tax cuts.

If the Tea Party's "belief" in reducing government spending was a mental health would be diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia.

Next comes a TP'er Twofer....

Putting a STOP to ILLEGAL immigration
Fixing LEGAL immigration

The all-caps are on the handout....suggesting that immigration is really, really, important to Tea Party folks.

George W. Bush tried to reason with radical conservatives in 2005 about reforming our immigration policy. However, what he quickly discovered was that demands for "no amnesty" were more important to the right fringers than solving our immigration problem.

Centrist Republicans and most Democrats think that a "path to citizenship" including a monetary fine and learning English, among other requirements, is the way to deal with our double digit million undocumented problem. Tea Partiers call that "amnesty". Tea Partiers want to send ALL undocumenteds back to their nation of origin. In order to accomplish that goal, Tea Partiers want law enforcement to be aggressive in their hunting down of undocumenteds. That's the purpose of Arizona's new law and the copycat state laws written since.

Ronal Reagan, to today's Tea Partiers, was a champion of amnesty having agreed in the 80's to give undocumenteds inside the U.S. then a pathway to citizenship. Today's Tea Party movement would not, in good conscience, recommend voting for Ronald Reagan.....which, I think, says quite a bit about the Tea Party.

The last "belief" I want to cover:

Belief that ONLY business creates jobs

Once again, notice the all caps from the original.

This is what I call the WTF belief.

In the 1950's, when America began it's brief glory years period, do you think that Eisenhower's signing of a national interstate highway construction bill resulted in the creation of any jobs? Has our national public school education system ever created any jobs, ya' think? How about tax-payer sponsored police departments or fire departments? Any jobs created?

To state that ONLY business creates obviously ridiculous and should be dismissed out of hand as crankery. But I'm not leaving it at that. Tea Partiers need to have their face rubbed in it just a bit on this topic.

Today...right now....private business is sitting on trillions in cash. Sitting on it. They are sitting on this cash because, ever since the Wall Street-caused financial collapse, there hasn't been enough demand to justify expansion, expansion which would, you know, create jobs.

So the cocky Tea Party "belief" that ONLY business creates jobs is currently being countered by flush businesses who ARE NOT creating any jobs. When this situation occurs....the ONLY entity which can save and create jobs is the federal government. Why? Because business isn't doing it.

Sure, the government could simply stay out of the demand-supplying business when free market businesses fail the nation so drastically......but do the Tea Partyers really want to see 15-20% unemployment rates? Do they really want more millions of Americans to lose their jobs, health care and homes? Pray tell, how would that be better for our nation?

I admire the go-get-'em spirit of activism reflected in the Tea Party movement. I do. But a go-get-'em spirit of activism devoid of factual information and, dare I say it?....basic common the long run, will only do further damage to an already-troubled country.



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