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Tea Parties.....The Sequel

By The Reverend Published: July 1, 2009

I had almost forgotten about those bizarro Tea Parties held around tax day in April......when I came across schedules for even more Tea Parties to be held this weekend. Yep, no joke.

Parties in northeast Ohio are scheduled for Cleveland, Canton and Ravenna.

Here's a message from the Canton Tea Party organizers......

Declare and Defend your Independence from the Tax and Spenders! It's time to turn up the heat on elected officials who want to impose more taxes, create more government waste, and throw the Constitution out the window. In keeping with the tone of the Tax Day Tea Parties, We the People are gathering to celebrate our independence. Let’s declare and defend the values and principles that have made our nation the greatest in the world! Limited Government Fiscal Responsibility Free Market System Holding our elected officials accountable Ladies and Gentlemen Let Freedom Ring! The Tea Party Patriots of Canton, OH are hosting a rally on the Kresge Lot located in downtown Canton on July 5th 2009. The event will run from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. Be sure to tell everyone you can and suggest this event to all your Facebook friends. The larger the crowd, the bigger the message!

The Reverend believes in liberty and justice for all. I, therefore, applaud anyone who wants to organize peacefully for political reasons. However, I also believe in literacy and empirical fact, I highly recommend both.

It seems to me.....and you can feel free to call me nutty....that being intelligently informed and recognizing objective truth, rather than just accepting what Rush and FOX are saying and living in some fifth dimension, fiction-bubble reality.....would be the more appropriate path to follow in the 21st century. Opinions vary, I guess. my conservative friends who might be Tea Partying this weekend.....this is my "come to Jesus" altar call moment.

"impose more taxes"

President Obama's short 6 month leadership has resulted in a payroll tax CUT for all employees who pay the payroll tax. That was a CUT, not an INCREASE. And while it's true that Obama and the Democrats increased taxes on those nasty, nasty, cancer causing cigarettes....many more American children are now covered by health insurance with those taxes. Conservatives don't hate children, do they? Of course not.

Yes, eventually, Obama will allow those Depression contributing Bush tax cuts to expire on the richest amongst us. Those who only make the paltry sum of $200,000 and up will see their share of federal income tax increase by the astronomical figure of 3%, and only on money made above $200K. I'm not sure.....but I'm guessing that Tea Party attendees won't include too many fatcats, you know, protesting this weekend by holding a sign that reads, "Where's the Birth Certificate." Could be wrong.

So...."impose more taxes" a fictitious construct not based on reality.

"create more government waste"

At first, I asked Obama's government creating more sewage? Then, I calculated that this phrase must be referring to Obama's stimulus plan. It's still a bit early to judge the effectiveness of the stimulus, but anecdotally, I've heard many state officials state that many more layoffs would have happened without the stimulus. Is saving jobs considered "creating more governmental waste?"

Even though our national economy is far from being out of the woods, in reality world, the immediate threat of a cataclysmic disaster has been avoided through direct governmental actions, actions actually begun under a Republican president and carried forward under Obama.

"throw the Constitution out the window"

Once again, it's not clear what part of the Constitution these Tea Party organizers are referring to....but just as a kind of remedial exercise, are torture, wars of aggression, defrauding Congress, outing CIA agents, doubling the national debt, denying habeas to American citizens, secret gulags, the vice-presidency as a 4th governmental branch, the unitary executive theory, and politicizing of the Justice Department.....all in the Constitution?

I can just feel the tears welling up when this emotional cheer goes up at this weekend's Tea Parties....

Limited Government Fiscal Responsibility Free Market System Holding our elected officials accountable Ladies and Gentlemen Let Freedom Ring!

Under every conservative president in my lifetime, the federal government has expanded. Under every conservative president in my lifetime, budget deficits have been the rule and the national debt has increased. The "Free Market System", left unchecked as it has been, created the financial depression we are now experiencing. The call....."Holding our elected officials accountable" simply incredulous after those who instituted lawless torture policies and transparently defrauded Congress and the American people into a war of aggression in Iraq......were and never will be, "held accountable" for their many crimes.

But hey....Party On Dudes...but a word of warning....don't let any tea bags, you know, hit you in the face.



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