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Tea Party Finds It Difficult To Hide Racism

By The Reverend Published: June 26, 2014

If you go can read about Rush Limbaugh's 2008 attempt to knock down candidate Barack Obama when he ran against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. Limbaugh was all shites and giggles back then, encouraging Republican voters to turn out in all open primaries to vote for Hillary and against the dark skinned Obama. Limbaugh called it "Operation Chaos." He was so very pleased with himself.

Limbaugh is a white patriot kind of guy who despises "tolerance" and "social justice" and he knew in 2008 that his listeners were as well. Tolerance and social justice to Limbaugh types means 'giving non-heterosexual, not-white males stuff they don't deserve.' So, the AM radio hater thought it would be fun to eff around with the "Democrat" primaries to, you know, stick it to that uppity Kenyan Usurper....causng "Chaos" in the Democratic Party.

And yes, Limbaugh's "Operation Chaos" made a difference too, just not enough for Hillary to win the 2008 Dem primary race.

But when Mississippi GOP Senator, Thad Cochran appealed to Democratic voters, and specifically black Democratic voters, to come out and vote for him in Tuesday's GOP special run-off election......Senator Cochran, according to "Operation Chaos" Limbaugh, was going after the Uncle Tom vote. "Uncle Toms for Thad" is what the racist talker called it. I guess "House Negroes" was too inflammatory.

Since the 2012 re-election of the black guy, I've noticed a change for the worse in Limbaugh's rhetoric. When haters are on the losing side of something, they can break one of two ways.....1) adapt to the new reality or 2) double down on the hate. Rush made his choice before the 2012 ballots were counted.

What has always left me flummoxed (and I hate being left flummoxed) about today's "civility" warriors in Village media is why those warriors for civility have never entertained the notion of going after Limbaugh's 15 hour per week hate-filled, racist incivility. I guess membership has its privileges. Membership in the "very rich" club.

Now, it is true that Limbaugh was a Tea Partier before Tea Partiers were cool. But the one thing I've always heard from Tea types is that racism plays no role in their "movement." I have always been suspicion of those denials.....and I'm not alone....

What is it about the tea party that spurs hordes of African-Americans who have never voted Republican in their lives to go to the polls purely to keep a candidate like McDaniel from winning?

The simple answer is that black voters perceive the tea party to be motivated at least in part by racial prejudice. A 2010 study found that of whites who identified with the tea party, only 35 percent think blacks are "hard-working" -- compared to 55 percent of those whites who reject the tea party. Tea partiers were also more likely to favor racial profiling.

During the Keystone Kop standoff at the Bundy ranch, Tea Partiers stood by the defiant bigot even after the ignorant piker publicly shared his understanding of "The Negro." Here's a good read on the topic with many examples of Tea Party racism.

The irony here is that the overt and covert racism of many Tea Party Republicans hoping to maintain the white male dominance of U.S. politics during major demographic changes......will only hasten the demise of white male dominance.

How so? In the 2012 election, Asian-American voters broke towards Obama by a whopping 73%.  Al Gore only received 54% of the Asian-American vote in 2000. Why the almost 20 point increase?

Exit polling suggested that Asian-American voters were encouraged to vote for Obama BECAUSE of the Tea GOP's treatment of our first black president. Even though Villagers can't see the obvious.....voters often do. All the bitterly hateful comments, all the stubborn obstructionism, all the nonsense over a birth certificate....actually incentivized Asian-American voters to vote for Obama.

That's the same dynamic that was at work down in Mississippi on Tuesday. Black Democrats in Mississippi were incentivized to come out and vote for Thad Cochran because of the over-the-top, often racist, rhetoric coming from Tea Party darling Chris McDaniel.

So, I guess, god bless the Tea Party, huh? Best 'get-out-the-Democratic-vote' machine ever created out of whole Republican cloth.

Pundits paid handsomely to say stuff which is obviously not true have been telling us of a coming Tea Party-fueled "wave election" this November favoring Republicans. Funny stuff.

An authentic "wave election" is coming alright. In 2016. That's when fed-up U.S. voters, similar to the fed-up Asian-American voters in 2012, punch all the boxes marked with a "D" and finally "wave" goodbye to a hate-filled, overwhelmingly white, political party whose expiration date has long passed.




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