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Teachers..."Ignorant, Whining, Freeloaders"

By The Reverend Published: February 20, 2011

First two minutes....if you can stand it....


RUSH: We have a montage here, protesters whining about what they want.

PROTESTOR: I've been teaching for over 25 years and I deserve respect for what I do, and I don't deserve to have my rights taken away.

PROTESTOR: Walker wants to take away my rights and everybody else's rights.

PROTESTOR: We're making history. We're making change.

PROTESTOR: If necessary.

PROTESTOR: You betcha.

PROTESTOR: It's necessary.

PROTESTOR: (slurring) This is like the sixties all over again!

TEACHER: I think we've lost the sense of democracy. I feel like what people in Egypt are fighting for right now, that's exactly what I feel like I'm fighting for right now.

RUSH: What an absolute idiot. It's a crying shame that this glittering jewel of colossal ignorance is teaching students. Comparing this to Egypt? "I feel like that's exactly what I'm fighting right now." What was Egypt even about? Do you even know, ma'am? Bottom line, it's not about what they want. We all "want" things. Very few of us run around demanding that somebody give us everything we want! Most of us have more class, most of us have more understanding, most of us are more mature than to run around whining (sobbing), "This is what we want! (sobbing) I want my dignity! I want my respect, and I want my benefits (sniffle), I want my health care!" Well, go earn it! It's not about what you want. In your case, it's about what can be afforded. They're trying to make themselves out to be oppressed. You're not in Egypt. You're a bunch of people who feel entitled to be freeloaders.

This is what it has come to. The very mature and extremely classy radio entertainer, using unusually mature and classy rhetoric to titillate the ears of his insurrectionist-minded listeners, openly mocks and ridicules those who teach our children. Wisconsin teachers, and other state employees, are told, belligerrently, by a guy who sits on his rather obese derriere all day speaking as if he were a madman and gets paid tens of millions of dollars each year to do so.....that THEY, the teachers, should "go earn it."

Quite frankly Rush...GFY....even if you have to take a little blue pill first to do the job.

"Very few of us run around demanding that somebody give us everything we want!"

Yes, Rush, it WAS only a "very few" who demanded that $4 trillion more be put on the national charge card in order for those same "very few" to continue basking in the radiance of their $100,000 per year tax giveaways. It was only the "very few" who benefitted from the reduction of the estate tax.......three tenths of one percent "few"....but that "few" got what they wanted. The majority was against giving the "very few" what they wanted, but the "few" won out anyway. And no, the nation couldn't afford it know, way back 2 months ago. But the "very few" got what they wanted anyway....didn't they Ditto?

"You're a bunch of people who feel entitled to be freeloaders."

For the past two years, goverment employees everywhere, not just in Wisconsin, have been accepting furloughs, wage freezes, some rollbacks, etc. That's what Rush's "freeloaders" have been willing to do because of the Bankster-induced financial collapse.

Now, "freeloaders" are not just limited to those T-bone eating young bucks and Cadillac-driving welfare queens Ronnie (dis)informed us about. "Freeloaders" are now those who work a fulltime job. Policemen, firefighters, teachers, road repair crews.....all working fulltime jobs....all carrying on valuable work.....are actually "freeloaders."

And not only are they "freeloaders".....but police, firefighters, teachers and the like "feel entitled to be freeloaders."

Not your run of the mill "freeloaders".....those teachers...oh, no. "Idiots", "ignorant", "classless", "immature", "whiners" who not only "freeload" as they work 40 hours or more per week.....but also feel "entitled" to freeload.

I've tried very hard for the last couple of months to hold my swearing-prone self in check. But today, I must tell ya'.....if you DON'T swear, or at least want to, after hearing Rush's latest steaming pile....then you had better check your pulse.

Here...allow me to satisfy that desire you might be feeling to swear out loud at Mr. Dittohead....

Go f*ck yourself Rush...and don't forget the TeaBagger Horse you have been riding lately.

Feels good to let it all out.....doesn't it?



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