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Teaching The Working Poor A Lesson

By The Reverend Published: February 8, 2014

Liberals are pointing out how vile the leaders of Republican-led states have proven themselves to be because of their refusal to expand Medicaid to poor workers in their states. I too have dabbled in this type of harsh criticism from time to time.

But maybe I've judged these self-proclaimed, patriot-state leaders too quickly. Perhaps state leaders who have opted out of Medicaid expansion for their poor working citizens.....have actually captured the high moral ground in the debate over why poor working people choose to remain....well...poor.

The problem, as righteous conservatives everywhere have been explaining, is the choices poor workers make when they take low-paying jobs that have no benefits. You see, that is a choice poor workers make.....and obviously, it's the wrong choice....because choosing to take a low paying job that has no healthcare benefits means those poor workers won't be able to pay rent, buy food AND afford healthcare insurance.

Liberals, like me, keep trying to force the debate into one over wages that are punishingly low and the scarcity of "living wage" jobs. However, duh.....the truth is better found in the choice low wage earners make when they agree to take that low-paying job. I must confess, I don't understand how I missed this obvious connection. Hey, choices matter. And jiminy....have consequences.

To illustrate the choice-consequences connection really drive the morality point home for poor workers who make those wrong state patriots in over 20 good-choices states have decided to stage an ongoing statewide object lesson for the benefit of their poor working citizens. The lesson has been variously described by non-poor, good-choice makers in politics and media......usually with very sober and serious faces mouthing the words "tough love."

The terms of this new lesson for the benefit of bad-choice-making poor workers must have severe enough consequences to, you know, drive home the importance of making better choices. Perhaps, then, poor workers will be properly incentivized to make better job choices in the future.....that is, if they live long enough.

Researchers from Harvard University and City University of New York have estimated that between 7,115 and 17,104 deaths will be "attributable to the lack of Medicaid expansion in opt-out states" in a study published in Health Affairs.

"The results were sobering," Samuel Dickman, one of the authors, said, according to the Morning Call. "Political decisions have consequences, some of them lethal."

Like I mentioned, because poor workers make the wrong choices when they take low-paying jobs without health coverage, it is imperative for those poor workers to digest properly the consequences of those poor choices.....and learn to choose their job more wisely going forward. And tell me, what better way is there to teach hard lessons to the bad-choice making poor than to knowingly and purposely allow hundreds or thousands of these poor job-choice makers to die prematurely? That'll teach 'em, right? Bet you won't make that bad choice again, huh?

It's like capital punishment for bad-choice making. When put that way, doesn't what appears on the surface to be evil and reprehensible, even barbaric.....take on a whole new meaning? Sure it does. Understood as a teaching/learning opportunity, one that comes with a deterrent to making bad job choices, the deterrent of potential is easy to see the righteous essence of what red state Medicaid expansion rejectionists have decided.

And so, what looked at first like a hate-filled, knee jerk, conspiracy by red state leaders to flip that Oval Office guy the bird, repeatedly and with prejudice......when understood properly, is, in actuality, an act of parental love directed towards the working poor of their respective states.

The American working poor need to learn to make better job-choices....because the job-choices they're making are keeping them poor and leaving them unable to afford health insurance. Like a loving and caring father-figure.....Republican red state officials are patiently and tenderly teaching these bad-choice makers to.....well....make better employment choices in the future.

The deaths of a few fellow bad-job-choice makers along the way should be all the incentive other poor workers need to focus their attention....on their own bad job choices.

Lessons must be taught.



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