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Tear The House Down

By The Reverend Published: November 5, 2009

As it is now, the more extreme portion of the GOP has decided to go after any candidate who smells of moderation or practices the evil art of compromise.

The Palin, FreedomWorks-Dick Armey, crazed conservative media morons, and, of course, the Tea Partiers, themselves, decided that some goddamn nut, Doug Hoffman, should push the more moderate GOP candidate out of a reliable GOP New York district House seat.

Now the seat will be held by a Democrat, Bill Owens. Owens beat Hoffman. It's been over 100 years since that district was held by someone other than a Republican.

That brilliant political strategy is now going to be deployed in California and possibly, Florida. Tea Partiers are going to try to knock the more moderate, Carly Fiorina (Hewlett-Packard), out of contention for next year's challenge to Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer.

In Florida, the same Jim DeMint (R-SC) who is supporting the TeaParty-style candidate, Chuck DeVore, against Fiorina in also supporting a far right candidate for senator in Florida, Marco Rubio...rather than supporting Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a moderate.

To the TeaPartiers out did that purge strategy work for ya' up in New York's 23rd district? Not since the 1870's has a Democrat held the congressional seat of New York's 23rd a Democrat holds that seat.

Yet, Palin and DeMint and other extremist conservatives are steaming full speed ahead to implement the same TeaParty strategy across the country ahead of next November's midterm elections.

Next year we'll all be TeaPartied to death. Maybe that's the plan.

To what end? With all the manure slinging* about Tuesday's election, the news is that Democrats now have one more seat in the House. In our current health care reform frenzy, Democrats having one more vote in the House is only a good thing, you know, for Democrats.

What I'm saying is that TeaPartiers are wrecking any chances for the GOP to come back to majority-party status. While TeaPartiers are helping Palin and Dick Armey make a bunch of money, which was kinda', you know, the TeaParty plan from the beginning, conservatives are losing their voices of representation.

Republicans need to embrace the Charlie Crists and Carly Fiorinas out there, not reject them. Perceived ideological purity does not often work out pragmatically.....and it's not going to work this time for the TeaPartier brigade. Conservatives must face up to how America actually is, not what they think America should be.......and work out their politics accordingly.

Republicans don't need to move any further to the right...purging out all moderate thinkers......I mean, Jesus.

I don't like Ben Nelson, Blanche Lincoln, Mary Landrieu, Evan Byah (special dislike), and a few others wearing Democratic jerseys....but rejecting them all out of hand does not take into consideration the diversity in the population of our states. For example, Missouri is a more moderate-conservative voting state. Claire McCaskill, Democratic senator from Missouri, votes a bit too conservative for my liking...but she is trying to represent the people in her state.

Republicans, rather than purging along ridgid ideological lines, as the TeaParty-Palin bunch is doing and has promised to continue, should find BETTER candidates....not more wingnutty candidates.

This crash-and-burn of the GOP has been a long time in coming. It's overdue. I think it's fitting that after a very destructive 8 years of Republican governance at the federal level.....Republicans are now, apparently, self-destructing.

* Liz Sidoti from the AP has such a piece of garbage propaganda reprinted in the AB Journal stands out like a sore thumb.

Headline: Elections unsettle moderate Democrats.

Under headline: Results don't bode well for Obama and party.

From the body of the piece of garbage: "Last year, hope and change tilted them toward Democrats. This year, anger and frustration tilted them to Republicans. They broke 2-1 for GOP victors Chris Christie in New Jersey and Bob McDonnell in Virginia."

The AP's Sidoti makes no allowances here for the New York 23rd district win by Democrat, Bill Owens....which gave Democrats more power in the House. Did "anger and frustration" tilt New York's 23rd district voters to pick a Democrat? If not, why not.

But this is extra special...

"Victories in both states have given Republicans a much-needed morale boost. And the wins proved that Republicans can find success if their candidates gravitate toward the middle and are responsive to the voters' mood. That approach allowed the GOP to successfully woo independents."

See, that's the thing Liz....the Palin, DeMint, Armey TeaParty movement have already announced they are working to place radical right candidates up in primaries to purge the GOP of any dreaded moderates.

Morale boost that.



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