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Teas Most Pleased With Zimmerman Verdict

By The Reverend Published: July 23, 2013

Some unsurprising results are in from a brand new Pew Research Center poll.
The Pew polling questions had to do with the Zimmerman trial and verdict. Overall....

Only 39% of those polled were satisfied with the verdict in the case, while 42% said they were dissatisfied, 19% offering no opinion. 52% say "race is getting more attention than it deserves" while 36% say "the case raises important issues about race that need to be discussed."

However, there are two findings in the Pew poll that I want to expand upon.....

1) Tea Party Republicans have an especially positive reaction to the verdict in Zimmerman’s trial. Fully 80% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents who agree with the Tea Party are satisfied with the verdict, compared with 51% of Republicans and leaners who do not agree with the Tea Party.

A little Tea context....

July 6th, Tea Party Tribune....."I am flat-out disgusted at what clearly has been exposed as the worst racial prosecution since Jim Crow."

Former staffer to Dick Armey, Horace Cooper of the Tea Party News Network....."The rush to arrest and indict Zimmerman merely to appease the media or race-based interest groups not only jeopardized Mr. Zimmerman’s rights and liberty, but the precedent suggests that all of our rights could be infringed."....."For too long, people such as the NAACP’s Ben Jealous and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have spoke out in hate and ignorance and found placement in the media,"

Judson Phillips, Tea Party Nation founder...."Trayvon Martin was well on his way to a life of crime, a life that would feature at best, the revolving door of the criminal justice system or possibly even a lifetime stay at a penal facility. Or, at worst, a shortened life, ended by someone else. Trayvon Martin was a product of American liberal social policies....The truth is Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old thug who was the architect of his own demise."

No surprise then that 80% of Tea Partiers were satisfied with Zimmerman's not-guilty verdict. Interesting here is that the Teas view of the trial and verdict is identical to the views of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh. If you take the time to review the purposely racial remarks and wise-assing about race on Limbaugh's and Hannity's Fox radio shows over the Zimmerman case.....those remarks are identical to the ones found above by Tea leaders.

The Teas object to any and all criticisms of their patriotic selves which illustrates their white-supremacist views....and their just-beneath-the-surface racism. When the Teas launched their astro-turf movement in 2009, their grievances were confusing, unclear, muddled....but that was because the Teas were but an anti-Obama subsection of the most extreme members of the Republican Party. The Teas organized and began protesting one month after the United States inaugurated it's first black president. No coincidence.

Teas want to take their country back....and in the Zimmerman verdict, Teas believe they gained some ground in that effort. Part of taking their country back has to do with putting young black "thugs" in their place. Tea leaders state so themselves.

2) Most Democrats (62%) say race is an important issue in the case that should be discussed. This is also the view of a smaller majority (53%) of white Democrats. Just 18% of Republicans say the case raises important issues about race that merit further discussion while 68% say the issue of race is getting more attention than it deserves.

The reason many white Republicans, conservatives and Teas despise people like Sharpton and Jackson is because those guys give "voice" to black Americans. That's what President Obama dared to do last Friday when he spoke about the Zimmerman case.....Obama gave black America's perspective on the case, he gave "voice" to black Americans.

And white conservatives hate that with a passion.

Anyone who tries to explain issues from the viewpoint and experience of black Americans is always accused, as Obama has been since Friday afternoon, of playing the "race-card" or being a "race-baiter."

Only 18% of Republicans say the Zimmerman case raises important issues about race. Four out of five Republicans examined a criminal case where a neighborhood watch captain, in a Florida district with a history of racism, profiled as a "suspect" a 17 year old black youth walking home wearing a hoodie. A case where a wannabe law enforcer profiled and stalked that "suspect"....even though he had zero authority to do so. Then when the 17 year old black youth presumably acted to defend himself over the stalking, Zimmerman shot him in the chest, taking the black youth's life. But 8 out of 10 Republicans can't find any important issues about race in that narrative.

And that's a national shame.



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