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Telling The Baggers What They Want To Hear

By The Reverend Published: February 8, 2010

As we have witnessed in real time.....ex 1/2 term governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is an opportunist. Sarah is in it for the money, and perhaps the fame. That's why she quit the governor's job. Palin's brief stint as McCain's VP running mate gave her just the right amount of exposure to make leaving the governor's job that's what she did. The report so far is that her book "Going Rogue" has made Sarah and the First Dude it's all working out the way Sarah had imagined. Good for her.

What Sarah Palin is a serious political candidate. Sarah, as we all witnessed during the 2008 campaign, has little, if any, understanding of...well....much of anything. When it comes to national and international policies, history, America's system of law,....or stuff like "war"....Sarah Palin is little more than a female version of Fox's Sean Hannity.....clueless, disingenuous, or both.

Here's what she said Saturday night in Tennessee in an attempt to criticize the Obama administration, as she addressed the "we don't like Obama" T-Party crowd ....

"New terms used like “overseas contingency operation” instead of the word “war.” That reflects a worldview that is out of touch with the enemy that we face. We can’t spin our way out of this threat. It’s one thing to call a pay raise a job created or saved. It’s quite another to call the devastation that a homicide bomber can inflict a “manmade disaster.” And I just say, come on, Washington. If nowhere else—national security—that’s one place where you got to call it like it is."

But.....see.....America is not at "war"......

...strictly speaking, we're not really "at war," as Congress has merely authorized the use of military force but has not formally or Constitutionally declared war. Even the Bush administration conceded that this is a vital difference when it comes to legal rights. In 2006, the Bush DOJ insisted that the wartime provision of FISA -- allowing the Government to eavesdrop for up to 15 days without a warrant -- didn't apply because Congress only enacted an AUMF, not a declaration of war.

The voting constituency Sarah Palin was addressing Saturday night in Nashville doesn't much care to hear about the Constitution.....they don't want to hear about how the U.S. hasn't officially declared war since WW2.....they don't want to admit that U.S. military adventures since WW2 have all been, basically, authorizations to use military force with a specific purpose intended.

The Tea Party Nation doesn't want to hear about the laws of America that require law enforcement to Mirandize anyone committing a crime, or suspected of committing a crime inside the U.S. No, The Tea Party gathering wanted to hear "rogue" talk, lawless talk.

The voting contingency Sarah Palin spoke to Saturday night would rather hear that Obama is America's enemy.....someone who, according to the 1/2 term ex-governor, is purposely "spinning" words and lingo to, somehow, camouflage his larger-picture intent to aid Islamic extremists. And Sarah provided.

Tea Party Nation came into being in Feb-March, 2009.....before the new Obama administration had even got settled into office. What the hopeless corporate media is today calling a serious grassroots movement is, in actuality, the leftovers of a bitter bunch of excitable Palin campaign followers angry because Democrats took over the presidency and extended their majorities in Congress.

The Tea Party group is made up of still-angry-and-bitter anti-immigration advocates.....those who still today trumpet their "no amnesty" message of intolerance. Tom Tancredo (R-CO), the most bitter and outspoken Republican who wears his "no amnesty" emotions on his shirtsleeve........was one of the Nashville Tea Party Convention's keynote Friday evening speakers. To rousing Tea Partier applause....Tancredo shared the love.....

"people who could not even spell the word 'vote', or say it in English, put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House."

"His name," Tancredo said, "is Barack Hussein Obama."

That's what Tea Partiers came to hear. Tancredo did not disappoint.

The Tea Party group is made up of many citizens who don't want to hear the "liberal spin" that Barack Obama, American citizen. What the Partiers want to hear is that Obama's American citizenship is still a 'controversy.' What the Partiers want to hear is that there is still a question about Obama's Tea Party Nation, the wishes of bitter, sore-losers were fulfilled.....

WorldNetDaily Editor-in-Chief Joseph Farah’s Friday night dinner speech, ..... spent around 10 of its forty minutes on questions about Barack Obama’s citizenship.....

Starting at the 4:30 mark....

So there we have it. Tea Party Nation is made up primarily of sore-loser conservative and libertarian-types who paid over $500 a seat to hear what they wanted to hear. They didn't care to hear the truth.....and they didn't hear it this past weekend in Nashville.

Instead, folks like Palin, Tancredo and WND editor Joseph Farah spouted erroneous sound bytes of intolerance, ignorance and conspiracy-theory nuttiness.

None of this is the least bit surprising after having witnessed all the hateful, bigoted and...well...stupid...Tea Party signs from last summer.

In spite of all there any question in anyone's mind that our rotted and hapless Villager-driven media will remind us over and over again just how very Serious the Tea Party Nation is?

UPDATE: This should also be of interest....

[Palin] had on three opera-length strands of pearls, two white and one multi-colored. [O]n her lapel, a small pin with two flags -- for Israel and the United States.

And this from Palin....

"The Republican Party would be very smart to try and absorb as much of the tea-party movement as possible," she told the crowd. "Because the tea-party movement is the future of politics."

I've been told the Baggers were, you know, independent of political party affiliation.



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