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Thanksgiving Courage-In-A-Can

By The Reverend Published: November 23, 2011

California...for college campus police, pepper spray must be considered "courage in a can." This paunchy University of California at Davis campus cop likes his "courage in a can" as can be seen in the casualness by which he strolls along spraying the eyes of non-violent American protesters. He's very brave because he has his courage right there in his hand. Later, these college campus rent-a-cops pulled the protesters apart and sprayed some more "courage" down the throats of a couple protesters. So brave,....these out-of-shape, courage-in-a-can wielders. So quick to grab for their cans of courage.

I sure am glad we don't live in a country where freedoms are denied, aren't you?

Seattle...on first seeing this picture, I wanted to write a blog post immediately announcing that...yes, we have finally found those WMD's. But on second would appear that Seattle police think it's the Chinese New Year, or something, and they are just celebrating by spraying a colorful gaseous substance in the air. Or....these Seattle cops are simply unwilling to get their hands dirty, and like California campus cops, now find their courage in a can....

Berkeley....this one is really ugly and brings back un-fond memories of how life was in the 60's. This is the video that every American needs to see right now. This is what we have to look forward to from our para-militarized police forces should the establishment need more protection from protester criticism. And just imagine how "safe" the local storm troopers will be able to keep us when they obtain missile-launching drones as new "tools" in their toolbox. I feel safer already.

What would an American pictorial of protest be without police attacking a couple of veterans. Fighting them over there, so when they come back home, we can beat them with clubs, or shoot them in the head, for exercising the freedoms they fought for over there.

Cops beating war veteran Kayvan Sabeghi in Oakland...

Scott Olsen...the guy hit in the head with a tear gas canister in Oakland. The shocking part of this clip for me was after Olsen was struck. Other protesters gathered around him because he was obviously injured badly and cops then shot MORE tear gas into that small group.

These photos, videos and more at this The Atlantic site.

Notice in all these pictures and videos how much more exceptional the U.S. is in handling peaceful
protesters...than, say, other countries. America is quite unique.

Some may say that the police and rent-a-cops in the videos and pictures were simply doing their jobs. Denying peaceful means of assembly in the part of the job of law enforcement. Others may argue that the protesters have it coming because....well...they're protesting.

Here's a former police officer explaining why many cops resort to pepper spraying non-threatening, peaceful protesters......

In the police academy, I was taught to pepper-spray people for non-compliance. Ie: “Put your hands behind your back or I’ll… mace you.” It’s crazy. Of course we didn’t do it this way, the way were taught. Baltimore police officers are too smart to start urban race riots based on some dumb-ass training. So what did we do to gain compliance? We grabbed people. Hands on. Like real police. And we were good at it.

Some people, perhaps those who design training programs, think policing should be a hands-off job. It can’t be and shouldn’t be. And trying to make policing too hands-off means people get Tased and maced for non-compliance. It’s not right. But this is the way many police are trained. That’s a shame. (Mind you, I have no problem using such less-lethal weapons on actual physical threats, but peaceful non-compliance is different.)

See how exceptionally free America is? Our police are trained to use courage-in-a-can when non-violent protesters do not comply with their orders. And yet, in America, our freedoms prevent government storm troopers from attacking us with noxious poisons and beating us with clubs when we are only peacefully protesting our government. We're free.

At least, that's what I've heard.

And wasn't it Toby Keith who put it so beautifully when he sang that he was "proud to be an American, because at least I know I'm free."

Sing it loud this Thanksgiving. Why are we oh-so-proud to be Americans? What are we oh-so-thankful for this Thanksgiving? Why can we puff out our chests about our great nation this holiday?

Because...."At least, we know we're free."



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