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Thanksgiving & Other Coming Attractions

By The Reverend Published: November 21, 2012

I've been patiently reading conservative political material since the election, looking for some consensus within conservative circles explaining what happened on November 6th. But try as I might, I cannot find a consensus. Many scattershot excuses for another GOP presidential candidate going down to defeat....and even some conspiracy theories....but no coherent explanation setting forth the real reasons for Romney's loss. I mean, other than all those Obama "gifts".

Following the Republican electoral loss, I had been hoping for a bit of humility, or at least some honest self-reflection on the part of GOP operatives, pundits and politicians.....but quite frankly, I'm not seeing it. Hope is like that sometimes.

So, a nation which holds center-left policy positions....on taxes, social issues, immigration and entitlements....will most likely continue to be frustrated by an out of touch and out-of-ideas GOP... and a Democratic Party more interested in serving corporate interests than doing the will of the people.

Obamacare implementation will be bitterly and divisively fought against by conservative governors right down to the last qualified Medicaid recipient. Of that I have no doubt. If Republicans can't win presidential elections, they can at least punish the poor in their states by refusing to add qualified citizens to the rolls of expanded Medicaid. Besides, those poor citizens are most likely members of the 47% "takers" who normally vote for the Democratic Santa.

American women will continue to be targeted by GOP leaders for harassment over whether they should have control of decisions pertaining to their own bodies. Grover Norquist will continue to threaten and blackmail elected Republicans if any of them even think about voting in Congress to raise taxes on our nation's richest. Third Way corporate pimps will continue to do what it is that they do....take any and all electoral opportunities to mislead Americans into believing their Medicare and Social Security are not "sustainable."

Above all, Republicans seem to be prepared to go all in on Benghazi. The facts clearly demonstrate that there is no there...there, when it comes to Benghazi. But seriously, when has the lack of evidence ever slowed down a GOP witch hunt? Whitewater? Vince Foster? TravelGate?

I have no doubt that Republican officials, with an eye toward the 2014 mid terms, will push the non-controversial event of Benghazi as far as it can possibly be pushed in today's corrupt media environment. Who knows, perhaps Taxed Enough Already Partiers will take up Benghazi as their new 2013 rallying-issue.....seeing that 60% of Americans now prefer raising taxes on the rich.

I realize that Americans are sick of politics and politicians right now. Sick of the ads, the bluster, the bullshite. Americans were relieved when the election was finally over. All that Americans want to think about right now is being with their family and loved ones throughout the holiday season. I am one of those Americans.

So, yes, post-election 2012, our national political battle remains basically unchanged, filled with coming attraction promises of frustration and disappointment. Democracy ain't easy. However, I think everyone from both sides, or multiple sides, can agree on one thing.....there's no other country in the world where we would rather be "fighting" those political battles. The U.S.A....warts and still the best.

Mrs. Reverend and I will be hosting 14 for tomorrow's Thanksgiving gathering. Over the weekend we'll be visiting other family blogging will be sparse. From the Blog of Mass Destruction world headquarters, here's wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving holiday....god knows we all need it.

And as always.....a bipartisan directive compliments of AC/DC..."have a drink on me."



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