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"That's Where All The Money Is Going"

By The Reverend Published: January 25, 2008

In last night's NBC, GOP candidates debate, the economy was the first topic covered by NBC's moderators. After listening to the standard supply side nonsense answers (more and deeper tax cuts plus more giveaways to business) from McCain, Romney and Giuliani, Timmy Russert finds himself on the receiving end of a Ron Paul delivered backhand.

And it was soooo...oooo deserved....


Ron Paul states very clearly and correctly that the so-called stimulus package the Village people are agreeing on is nothing other than more debt added to the already bulging national deficit. Spot on, that was.

However, Paul didn't stop there. He delivered a hard punch to the less-than-credible supply siders on stage with him while simultaneously bitch-slapping Tim Russert. It was the high point of a mediocre debate.

Categorically rating the "most important topics" acording to voters....Timmy Russert suggests the economy has now become the first priority for Americans rather than the American occupied territories of Iraq. To this Ron Paul delivers a sweeping backhand saying, "Tim, here, suggests we think of the economy.....but not in foreign policy(terms) can't do that."

Doctor Paul goes on to say America spends, " a trillion dollars a year maintaining this empire..." Paul's very good point, rarely if ever heard said by Republicans, is that budget deficits and economic troubles are, without doubt, connected to our extremely expensive "empire" maintenence as the world's unelected supercop. To not see the connection between the economy and the Iraq occupation is just being willfully blind. Thus Paul's smackdown of Russert's false dichotomy question about the American economy.

But Ron Paul didn't stop there, either. He delivered a blow to the other GOP candidates when he said, "Nobody here is even willing to suggest that we cut things overseas." Truer words have never been spoken.

No one, except Paul himself, was willing to say that the Iraq conflict was a mistake. Over 60% of America's citizens believe Iraq was not worth doing but Romney, McCain, Rudy and even Huckabee defended Junior's illegal attack and subsequent occupation of the former sovereign country of Iraq. And predictably, as Ron Paul also said, those four GOP candidates did NOT include any mention of the costly ongoing illegal occupation of Iraq as part of the economic problems facing America.

The three status quo candidates in the Republican primary field, Romney, McCain, Giuliani, preach and preach about cutting "spending". Cutting spending has become the mantra of serious conservatives.

That spending is always restricted to DOMESTIC spending. Talk of restricting spending NEVER includes spending on militaristic empire building or maintenance.

Ron Paul, on the other hand, spoke the truth. One Republican stood tall for accuracy and truthfulness. Unilaterally invading and occupying former sovereign nations, a mistake of epic proportions, with no end in sight...."that's where all the money is going."



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