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The Adventures of George, the BoyKing

By The Reverend Published: October 4, 2007


As we wait for more American soldiers to be killed and wounded all at the cost of $3 billion per week, and all locked in by a "stay the course" Republican contingency in the Congress, and a legacy framing executive looking to place the Iraq burden upon the shoulders of others in 09.....let's have a bit of fun with Decider Guy's adventures with the children, shall we?

Why the hell not?

As you remember from the famous episode of "George, My Pet Goat and the Children"...we found George the BoyKing sitting with the Florida elementary school children on the morning of 9-11....his copy of My Pet Goat opened to the proper page and following along as the children read...I know he was following along because his lips were moving.

Remember how George seemed to be endangering the children for about 20 minutes because he, the BoyKing, could have been a target that morning? Remember that episode? And remember how everything turned out okay because the real enemy was actually in Iraq and not Florida, after all?

Wow, that was a scary one, wasn't it?

Leap forward to today's episode of "George, Profits and the Children" and we find a similar story line. It appears, as the show begins, BoyKing is vetoing the bad, bad, bipartisan S-CHIP funding increase.....

The White House sought little attention for Bush's action, with the president casting his veto behind closed doors without any fanfare or news coverage. He defended it later Wednesday during a budget speech in Lancaster, Pa., addressing a welcoming audience organized by the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry in GOP-friendly Pennsylvania Dutch country.

"Poor kids first," Bush said. "Secondly, I believe in private medicine, not the federal government running the health care system." Link

The BoyKing is so brave, isn't he? He used children as a shield on 9-11, it takes a courageous leader to do that. Now he's standing firm against that 60+% of Congress who want to include more children on the health coverage rolls. Those terrible ogres. Doesn't bad Congress know scaring BoyKing's Laissez Faire Clubhouse pals like that is not very nice?

BoyKing always protects his friends. That's exactly what Jesus and Mr. Rogers would do, too.Those few million children can wait until they can get bigger and buy their own health coverage. Besides, their parents are probably slackers, so the kids deserve what they get. And you know sick kids, all they do is whine, anyway. Good thing BoyKing knows what to do. He's not just brave....he's smart too.

And so the episode comes to a close with the Brave, Hero BoyKing fending off those who would hurt George's closest and bestest friends in the whole wide world, his profit buddies. He sits bravely down behind closed doors and mightily, in one swift move, vetoes that which would hurt his friends.

Tune in next time and hear the episode entitled "BoyKing With The Not-Quite Children". In our next episode our hero stands bravely on the thinnest of wingnut ground and puts his foot down, saying no to using the people's money to pay for research done on discarded clumps of cells.

The Adventures of George, the BoyKing, are so great. I can hardly wait for the next episode to get here. I just know you feel the same way.

Be sure and join us next time.

PS. Can you believe it? I've just been told that some bad people have been making fun of BoyKing. Yep. They are mocking our hero. They are calling him names. People like that don't understand that making fun of heroes like BoyKing or....General just not funny.....they don't know how hard George and His Friends have been working

to f**k everything up to keep us all safe from harm.



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