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The Anthrax Story, Part 2

By The Reverend Published: August 3, 2008

If you haven't read Part 1, do so now.

On October 12, 2001 ABC News reported this about the anthrax letter attacks...

"While investigators said a criminal attack would more likely have spread anthrax through the building, they also say the strain of lab-isolated bacteria found almost certainly rules out a lone crackpot."

On October 16, 2001 ABC reported this about the anthrax letter attacks....

Some of America's top biological warfare scientists are edging closer to a conclusion..... that the recent germ attacks involved an expertise only a government could provide.

The Russians have this know-how. So do the Iraqis, among others.

This is one reason why former UNSCOM chief Richard Butler has echoed Spertzel's (director of the U.N. Special Commission of biological weapons inspectors in Iraq) apprehension about reports from the Czech government that hijacker Mohamed Atta met with an Iraqi agent in Prague months before the Sept. 11 attacks.

Did the Iraqi provide Atta, the Egyptian pilot considered a linchpin in the World Trade Center attacks, with anthrax? "It's not yet concluded," says Butler, who says the United States is trying to answer this question with the help of the Egyptian government.

But if the agents used in the attack are found to contain the telltale presence of certain compounds used in a professional drying process, this could be a very revealing clue. For instance, the presence of aluminum clay, an anti-clumping agent employed in an air-drying process for anthrax, would point to professionals rather than amateurs, and narrow the field of possible suppliers.

On October 26, 2001 ABC News reported this about the anthrax letter attacks....

"Despite a last-minute denial from the White House, sources tell ABCNEWS the anthrax in the tainted letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle was laced with bentonite. The potent additive is known to have been used by only one country in producing biochemical weapons -- Iraq.

ABCNEWS has been told by three well-placed and separate sources that initial tests on an anthrax-laced letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle have detected a troubling chemical additive that authorities consider their first significant clue yet.

An urgent series of tests conducted on the letter at Ft. Detrick, Md., and elsewhere discovered the anthrax spores were treated with bentonite,

As far as is known, only one country, Iraq, has used bentonite to produce biological weapons.

"It means to me that Iraq becomes the prime suspect as the source of the anthrax used in these letters," former U.N. weapons inspector Timothy Trevan told ABCNEWS. Link

"three well placed and separate sources" allegedly told ABC News that "initial tests" detected bentonite. Bentonite was never found in any of the anthrax letters, yet 'three well placed" sources, says ABC, insisted they had found bentonite in the anthrax.

Americans need to know who those "three well placed and separate sources" were. Now that Bruce Ivins, apparently the real anthrax mailer, has killed himself, Americans need to know who was telling lies to ABC News, steering them to believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the anthrax letters.

The reason this is important now is because of recent revelations by the Senate Intelligence Committee that, indeed, the Bush administration abused intelligence, propagandized and in some cases, outright lied, in order to lead America into the Bush-Cheney war of choice in Iraq.

Is it possible that Bush-Cheney lackeys informed ABC News about the "initial tests" on the anthrax? Is it possible that Ivins, himself, provided those "initial results" to three Bush-Cheney "well placed and separate sources" who passed the lies on to ABC?

With one of Bruce Ivins letters-to-the-editor that I posted yesterday, combined with the words printed on the anthrax letters themselves, it seems clear that Ivins wanted people to believe the anthrax letters were sent by Muslims. Did the Bush-Cheney administration want Americans to believe that too, so they could attack Iraq.....the alleged home of the phony bentonite?

October 26, 2001...Peter Jennings...

This news about bentonite as the additive being a trademark of the Iraqi biological weapons program is very significant. Partly because there's been a lot of pressure on the Bush administration inside and out to go after Saddam Hussein. And some are going to be quick to pick up on this as a smoking gun.

November, 2001...conservative rag...The Weekly Standard...

On the critical issue of who sent the anthrax, it's time to give credit to the ABC website,, for reporting rings around most other news organizations. Here's a bit from a comprehensive story filed late last week by Gary Matsumoto, lending further credence to the commonsensical theory (resisted by the White House) that al Qaeda or Iraq -- and not some domestic Ted Kaczynski type -- is behind the germ warfare.

January, 2002....SOTU speech by George W. Bush...

The Iraqi regime has plotted to develop anthrax, and nerve gas, and nuclear weapons for over a decade.

Glenn Greenwald's comment about the Bush "Iraqi regime" line....

Bush's invocation of Iraq was the only reference in the State of the Union address to the unsolved anthrax attacks. And the Iraq-anthrax connection was explicitly made by the President at a time when, as we now know, he was already eagerly planning an attack on Iraq. Link

This story is not closed by any stretch of the imagination.

It appears that the George W. Bush rogue regime, at the very least, strategically propagandized the American public with lies and misinformation, to convince us we needed to attack and remove another rogue regime over in Iraq.

The anthrax letter attacks were used, very much as Judith Miller of the New York Times was used with the "Curveball" lies about Iraq, to advance the pre-inaugural Bush-Cheney neo-con invade and occupy a nation perched atop an ocean of oil.



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