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The City Of Zion

By The Reverend Published: June 26, 2008

Blogging from Salt Lake City....'s hotter than a firecracker....and even though, you know, it's a dry heat,'s still, like, hot. Middle 90's every day.

Second....surrounded by mountains, the panoramic view, indeed, is a beautiful sight.

Third....did you know Utah citizens are called Utahns? What's up with that? Ohio...Ohioans, Utah...Utahns?

The Mrs. and I are staying in a 1901 built Bed and Breakfast on the edge of the historic district.

The Salt Lake Tribune appears to be the city's main newspaper. There was a primary election held here 2 days ago and there were surprises. Chris Cannon, 6 term GOP D.C. House representative, was soundly trounced (band name?) by some new young GOP upstart, Jason Chaffetz. The incumbent lost by TWENTY percentage points.

After having his incumbent hiney handed to him, Cannon was quoted saying, "This is a plague nationwide." Apparently meaning that voters are tired of the same old.....and are motivated to throw the bums out and replace them with newbee bums.

However, it's not just about incumbency.

The battered Cannon goes on to say, "I think the Republicans are in for a tough ride anyway, and I think the ennui that is being felt here in Utah is going on around the country."

The far right's rationalization of Cannon's primary butt kicking focused on the immigration issue. Cannon was tagged the "amnesty" incumbent. Cannon supported stronger border security but was also in favor of the dreaded "comprehensive" approach to the nation's undocumenteds.

Whatever the reason, a GOP six term Congressman, from one of the most conservative areas in the nation, was beaten by 20% by a no-name. Seems staggering.

Small blurb in the Salt Lake Tribune states that 75% of Americans polled, "blame President Bush's economic policies for making the country worse off during the last eight years". That is very, very bad news for McCain hopefuls. The Arizona GOP presidential candidate, so far, has promised to stay the economic course that 3 out of 4 Americans now say has made things worse.


And what would a Reverend post be without, at the very least, a bit of fun loving mockery?

To illustrate how serious Salt Lake folks take their religion......there are 2, not just 1, Gideon Bibles in our room's bureau drawer.

All around the city of Salt Lake are lush, mountainside suburbs chock full of very expensive homes. According to locals, the Mormon portion of the region lives in those lush suburbs, while a majority of the city's population is non-Mormon.

This struck me as mock-worthy.

In the final chapters of the biblical book of Revelation, inside the great Zion, the celestial "New Jerusalem", is where the redeemed are safely located....AND....the not-so-redeemed are described as being outside the city's walls, you know, wailing and gnashing their teeth. The earthly city of Zion, Salt Lake City, has that demographic reversed. Trivial, I know, but interesting. Oh yeah, and I almost forgot,...though living outside the city, Mormons, nevertheless, own almost all the city's commercial enterprises.


Finally, for now.....the young chef at our B&B, a non-practicing, baptized Mormon, told me that although Mormons make up a majority of the area's overall population, there is also a healthy push-back from non-Mormons. The chef claims that Salt Lake City is the only non-blood red district around.

Also of interest,.....from an editorial in today's Tribune..... "Even among Mormons, whose church is among those that proclaim that it is the one true faith, some 39% agree that other religions can lead to salvation."

I wonder how Brigham Young would feel about that statistic.



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