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The Crazy Is Still Winning

By The Reverend Published: November 20, 2013

From the "still standing his ground" file.....

Have you heard the new George Zimmerman "stand your ground while pointing your gun at your girlfriend story"?  Good stuff. Should make Sean Hannity pee himself a little in vicarious glee. Not to mention Buckeye Firearms....who were so aggrieved by "gun control" monsters that they raised $12,000 for George so's he could rebuild his arsenal. Good job guys...and extra special credit for having such good judgment.

I encourage those who thought it necessary to defend George Zimmerman's actions in killing the unarmed Trayvon Martin to review Zimmerman's new arrest story...paying particular attention to how George Zimmerman knew how to game the 911 system for his own benefit. The best piece I saw was here,  entitled "George Zimmerman charged with assault."


From the "Leaving is Losing" file.....

I remember when Warrior President George W. Bush, (who recently has been reported to be fighting paint-by-number canvases with water-color WMD), famously said that leaving Iraq would be how he would define "losing"...."leaving is losing", the brilliant One-Liner Warrior said.

12+ years after C+ Augustus began bigfooting his "war on terror" marketing plan with the token gesture of invading Afghanistan.....there's talk this week concerning the Surrender President, Barack Obama, negotiating a deal with....well....somebody, in guarantee that the U.S. does not "lose" by "leaving"....

While many Americans have been led to believe the war in Afghanistan will soon be over, a draft of a key US-Afghan security deal obtained by NBC NEWS shows the United States is prepared to maintain military outposts in Afghanistan for many years to come, and pay to support hundreds of thousands of Afghan security forces.

In other news, unemployment and food stamp cuts are scheduled to begin here in the Homeland on January 1st. Translation: "If we keep fighting them, you know, over there, then we won't have to fight to pay for the parasites and hammock dwellers over here."


On the "Don't Call It A War On Women..War"..front......

It seems that to 5 conservative male Supremes, the words "undue burden" are highly interpretive. One person's "undue burden" is simply another person's partisan ideological gamesmanship...or in this case....5 persons.

The fact that the Confederate state of Texas' recent "War on Female Autonomy" law will close some 30 legal abortion clinics in the Huge state of Texas doesn't register in the minds of five males on the Court as an "undue burden" for women seeking legal abortion services in Texas. Why would it? Male Supremes won't be burdened in any why would Texas women be burdened?


From the New Civil War front.....

Nullification is the shite in today's TeaLandia. Senate "advise and consent" responsibilities have been....well...remodeled a bit since a Democrat (again) sat down in the Oval Office illegitimately. "Advise and consent" (when a Democratic president is in office) is redefined as "despise and reject." The justification for the nullification is, of course, to stop a twice elected president from appointing "extreme left-wing radicals" to the Court.

I know, I know......both sides do it. Democrats did it once under Bush and Republicans set records doing see? Both sides do it. Fair and balanced, as it should be.

But Harry Reid is making noises again about invoking the "nuclear option". Oh, say it isn't so Harry. "Nuclear Option" there's a curious title if I ever saw one. If 51 senators out of 100 vote to change the Senate's the same as setting off a nuclear bomb. THAT's how much our conservative Leaders respect....majority rule.

And how dare the majority in the Senate try to stop the TeaLandia Express from nullifying all decisions by a twice elected president? I mean....the nerve of some people.

Anyway, my bet is on the Obstructionists.


And finally.....the Skewed Poll Screwball report....

I heard Sean Hannity yesterday referencing a NY Post(!) crayon scribble about how that sneaky foreigner, Barack Obama, stole the 2012 election. Well duh. How else could a Democrat win the White House...twice....and by significant margins both times?

The New, New Scandal centers around how Obama concocted an intricate, multi-faceted unemployment number scam some 6-8 weeks before the November 2012 election. That Obama, he's a wily rascal. See....Obama rigged the unemployment numbers released in August 2012....when the unemployment rate dropped from 8.1% to 7.8%. Even Bigmouthed Rich Guys like Jack Welch, former GE CEO, "knew" those numbers had been manipulated....because he's....a Bigmouthed Rich Guy.

Hannity, the calm, non-partisan, reasoned fellow that he is....announced yesterday on his hate-radio show that coupling the Benghazi something with this new NY Post something adds up to an illegitimately re-elected President Obama....or something. Darrell Issa, our free country's version of a Grand Clown Inquisitor, was Hannity's scheduled guest on teevee last night. Didn't watch....but I'm sure Issa is drawing up subpoenas this morning. Check regular C-Span schedules for upcoming Oversight Hearings which, I'm more than sure, will get to the bottom of how Obama stole the 2012 election.



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