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The Crazy On Steroids

By The Reverend Published: May 20, 2011

It's kind of like watching the slow onslaught of Alzheimer's on a family member.

It's sad.

Today's Republican losing it's collective mind.

Not raising the credit limit of the United States is now being explained as "not that big of a deal" by some leading Republicans. Arch-conservative Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey tells Americans that lighting the dynamite stick and holding onto it isn't all that dangerous....

" I don't think it's going to have an adverse impact on the economy for the days or weeks or perhaps even months that this would continue," he said. "I doubt it would be that long. I doubt that it would be disruptive to the economy per se. But it would be disruptive, certainly, to the people who are accustomed to and relying on the programs that would necessarily be cut."

The genuinely odd duck, Eric Holder, the GOP's House Majority Leader, flippantly refers to D-day on the debt limit, August 2nd, as some artificially "imposed" date.....

"What I think is that the markets are looking to see credible progress on changing the fiscal trajectory in Washington," said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said, after a job forum in Virginia. " The markets are not fooled by some date imposed to say that that is the trigger for the collapse. I think the markets are looking to see that there is real reform."

The mental disease is spreading...

Republican Study Committee member....

"There is no certain day," said congressman James Lankford, a member of the fiscally conservative Republican Study Committee. "It's a moving target. Even if August 2 is passed, Treasury has the tools in its back pocket to keep us from defaulting."

Lankford added: "Treasury has done a good job of trying to increase the panic, rather than giving us solutions."

GOP Tea Party House caucus member....

Dennis Ross, a House Republican and a member of the Tea Party caucus, told Reuters: "I don't think Treasury has been up front with us. I am not convinced the sky will fall in on August 3."

Ross added: "I'm not an economist, but I have maintained a household. The federal government owns 70 per cent of Utah, for example. There are federal buildings. If you need cash, let's start liquidating."

Even TurdBlossom.....

Karl Rove, the former chief political adviser to President George W. Bush, told Reuters: "Geithner's date predictions have been too precise, too often, and accompanied by too many dire predictions."

This type of "thinking" is not just symptomatic of some serious mental's damn dangerous as well. These GOP nuts are actually willing to take the risk of bringing the nation's economy down into a dustbowl-misery depression in order to get their way. That is like a petulant child playing with a box of matches around open gasoline cans and telling his parents that their warnings that everyone in the family may die while the house burns down is just some "sky falling" "dire prediction" which isn't real.

But that's how today's GOP rolls. If it ain't the craziest goddamn thing anyone can think of.....the GOP ain't interested.

For the record. The U.S. has already reached it's debt ceiling. On Monday of this week, May 16, just as Treasury Secretary Geithner warned, the last government bond sales were settled. There can be no more bond sales to keep paying the bills until Congress approves increasing the borrowing limit for the country. So, Geithner is right now robbing Peter to pay Paul, as it were...

The Treasury says it can use "extraordinary measures" such as dipping into government pension funds to fend off default until August.

To mentally unstable Republicans and their rabid dog Tea Party constituency crazies.....this is all a good thing. These are the same unhinged actors who wanted to "shut 'er down" as they chanted like
zombies to "cut it or shut it".....all over small cuts to the 2011 budget. These folks want chaos...they long for it.....they want a national disaster....."bring it on" is their desire.

What's the goal...the objective...the end game for these chaos-seeking deviants?

To fully wreck the place in order to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama. These nuts are willing to bring down the entire nation....hell, the world.....if necessary, to "take their country back." That's how mentally unstable they are.

We've experienced two GOP hostage taking crises in the last 5 months. On both occasions, the petulant, unstable, Republicans, Tea Party dogs nipping at their heels, threatened to shoot the hostages if their demands were not met.

Now the same characters have taken the entire nation hostage. They are threatening to destroy the full faith and credit of the richest and most powerful country in world history if government programs for the elderly, the poor, the sick and the children are not slashed to the ground to pay for more tax cuts for America's wealthy.

These are not your father or grandfather's Republicans. These people are certifiable...and a serious danger to the U.S. If they get their way....we all lose.



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