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The Decider's Chameleon Justice

By The Reverend Published: August 14, 2007


You may remember the name Jose Padilla. He was the alleged "dirty bomber". He was so dangerous, according to White House officials, he had to wear the goggles depicted above in the photo because he might give other "terrorists" activate-the-plot signals with his eyes.

Padilla, 36, was arrested at Chicago's O'Hare Airport in May 2002 upon returning from Egypt and was accused by the Bush administration of plotting to set off a radioactive bomb.

Bush declared him an "enemy combatant" and ordered him imprisoned by the military. Amid court challenges to the president's authority to do that, Padilla was indicted in a civilian court in November 2005 on charges that do not mention any bomb plot.

In closing arguments today Padilla's attorney pointed out the totally bogus nature of the charges against him.

A lawyer for one of former "enemy combatant" Jose Padilla's co-defendants portrayed the government's case in the terrorism support trial on Tuesday as "U.S. versus Islam" and said it relied on fear of Muslims to cover a lack of evidence.

"That kind of fear and prejudice is what you have sworn your most sacred oath to put aside," defense attorney William Swor told the jury.
"They know that the facts of the case do not establish a crime."

He said the government's case was "snake oil" built on snippets of wiretapped conversations, questionably translated from Arabic and taken out of context by government witnesses who never examined 99.8 percent of the recordings.Link

This is what passes as American justice today. Holding people indefinitely without charges, then changing the charges as necessary to make sure "we" win. I'll call it chameleon justice for it's ever changing nature.

And yet the White House expects to win over hearts and minds to America's great freedoms. Or do they simply say that to console the rubes?

Perhaps a few new modifications to the Miranda rights would be in order....

"You do not have a right to know what you are charged with"
"You can be detained indefinitely"
"You can remain silent all you want to, because we know you are guilty"
"We reserve the right to change, modify, adjust, or simply make stuff up to charge you with as we deem necessary, and as often as we deem necessary."



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