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The Disunited State of the Union

By The Reverend Published: November 19, 2013

The micro-managing hysteria campaign now in full swing by those whose job description in 21st century America is to comfort the powerful and afflict the powerless has reached nauseating heights in the last week. The Affordable Care Act, a law to confront the ever-increasing and destructive nature of a healthcare industry totally out of control, is now being set forward as possible grounds for impeachment of a Democratic president.

Is the ACA another Katrina, or is it more like Iraq? Is the ACA more like Watergate or Iran-contra? When did Obama know he was lying about Americans being able to keep their junk insurance plans and how wide is Obama's conspiracy to destroy the U.S.? No doubt Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa will get to the bottom of it.

No sense rehashing the obvious....Americans who had no access to healthcare insurance are enrolling by the tens of thousands these past six weeks. But why focus on the positive when there's a black President still occupying the Oval Office who has yet to be thoroughly destroyed? AmIrite? The Village has its priorities.

The five year long, and running, conservative/Village campaign to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama mirrors similar efforts to destroy the last Democratic president. Interestingly, it was after Republicans shut the government down in 1995....and were blamed for it....that getting Clinton, no matter what....reached it's hysterical peak. Sure, conservatives dogged Clinton from the moment of his first inauguration....but it wasn't until Republicans humiliated their petulant selves and caught hell from the electorate over spitefully shutting the government down...that Republicans and the media that serves Republicans took off the gloves and went for the impeachment jugular.

If all that sounds eerily familiar it's because it is. Republicans once again humiliated themselves nationally by shutting down the government six weeks ago. At least for a few days, Republicans suffered the bad news that Americans had rejected the shutdown as an act of childish petulance, tantrum throwing. GOP polling plummeted. Republican senators bitterly fighting each other instead of the dreaded Obama. And just remember, it all started with a bitter-clinger attempt to repeal Obamacare.

For the second time in three years, Republicans purposely did damage to the national economy and were, rightfully, blamed for it. If you followed the Clinton presidency, you knew what was coming next. By god, Democratic presidents are not going to get away blameless when Republicans smuck everything up. Corporate media agrees.

And so we have the current shitestorm of Obama destruction over a law granting tens of millions more Americans access to health insurance. I guess a dysfunctional website and a bit of unresearched anecdotal whining is as good as a stained blue dress, no?

The biggest problem it was during Clinton's the over-the-topness of the media and conservative manufactured shite tornado concerning Obamacare. It's the proportionality that should offend our intelligence.

When Professionals like David Gregory and Candy Crowley start pounding the round peg of the ACA into the square hole marked Katrina, or create a faux-equivalency tornado of shite.....that's when you know the Village and it's Republicans have jumped the shark in the same way they did during the 90's.

Folks may suggest that all that I have explained is just simple politics.....but our collective experience during the Age of the Know Nothings betrays that sentiment.

What we've been living through since 2009....while reminiscent of the 90' much more dangerous to a United States than anything our county has experienced since pre-Civil War days. The United States is no longer united. Full stop.

The right to vote is under siege. The legal rights of women are being taken away. State counties are trying to secede. Federal laws are being actively nullified and sabotaged. A minority rules in Washington. The poor, elderly and disabled are being targeted, unashamedly, as free-loaders and parasites. Obama's judges and appointees denied nomination hearings. Congress AWOL. I could go on for hours.

Is it time for the United States to split up? Is it finally time to say the hell with it?

Discussion bait:

Perhaps we could allow a five year "relocation" period for malcontents to relocate into states where "real Americans" feel more at home....followed by a regional reorganization of the states. We have a country of two irreconcilable groups of Americans.....why not separate into two distinct sub-nations? Trade agreements will have to be set up.....border check points and so forth.....but I'm sure everything can be worked out.

I, for one, would welcome such a long as it marked the end of the perpetual shite-show every time a Democratic president is in office.

It's all just so embarrassing and stupid.



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