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The Endless Spin Cycle

By The Reverend Published: June 11, 2009

Scanning the insanity....

Lest a new earworm begins gestating in the tone deaf ears of corporate media slugs and conservative "faith basers".....

NY Times...

....President Obama’s agenda, ambitious as it may be, is responsible for only a sliver of the deficits, despite what many of his Republican critics are saying.

About 7 percent (of the projected deficits) comes from the stimulus bill that Mr. Obama signed in February. And only 3 percent comes from Mr. Obama’s agenda on health care, education, energy and other areas.
If the analysis is extended further into the future, well beyond 2012, the Obama agenda accounts for only a slightly higher share of the projected deficits.

Already, in wingnut world media, it's questionable whether George W. Bush and Richard Cheney were ever President and Vice-President. The Bush Amnesia Syndrome is beginning to settle in. Newt Gingrich's speech the other day is a prime example.....if you hadn't known better while listening to Newt, you would have never known that the Terror Twins ever occupied the Oval Office for 8 years.

Before long, the "created reality" narrative will be that Bill Clinton left a surplus and Barack Obama frittered it all away, leaving us with eternal deficits. It won't be true, naturally, as the Times piece demonstrates.....but then, since when was truth a prerequisite for spinning a conservative narrative?


Speaking of spinning....

Yesterday's Holocaust Museum attack by an extremist-right white supremacist, coming on the heels of the assassination of an abortion doctor by the extremist-right domestic terrorist, Scott Roeder, has left Republicans and their lapdogs scrambling.

The 88 year old Museum shooter and the nutjob, Roeder, both were acting on political ideology. Roeder, there's no question, wanted to stop a doctor from continuing his legal profession....a legal profession that Roeder could not tolerate.

James von Brunn dedicated his life to KKK-style hatred, bitterness, and violent acts because he, like those baited by the Republican Party's "southern strategy", hated the notion of a segregated America and the creation of what KKK'ers call a "mongrel race."

Both of these domestic terrorists were acting on deeply twisted POLITICAL beliefs.

But watch Mike Rogers (R-MI) spin out a counter-narrative. Beginning at the 4:45 mark, Rogers, hoping to direct the finger-pointing away from POLITICAL IDEOLOGY, much of it deeply held by conservatives, as the reason these tragedies happen....

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Rogers spins....

"If you realize the last time he (von Brunn) tried to do something at the Federal Reserve (1981), it was because interest rates were climbing. So, he had some financial stress in his life...this is another time in his life where he had financial stress, it pushed him to that point, and led him to act on all the feelings that obviously he had expressed on his website."

Tweety plays along with Rogers' distraction....

"There's a lot of stress out there, and a lot of anger about the failure of our establishment, our government, for failing to protect us from this economic calamity."

Starting at the 8 minute mark, Rogers begins spinning like a washing machine....

"Anytime you have that much stress on people's economic well-being, at anytime in our history, we've seen a spike in violent behavior.

Now, the Muslim, the converted Muslim who was radicalized in prison who attacked and killed our U.S. soldiers was IDEOLOGICALLY driven....I'm not sure I would put that in the same category (as von Brunn and Roeder). He was passionately and ideologically driven based on his conversion to radical Islam.

In the other instances (Roeder, von Brunn), are people who believe their political beliefs aren't being listened to or acted upon by the establishment and all the other pressures in your life. And again, if you do the profiling, you'll find that they had financial stresss, they had other stresses, they've reached that boiling point. Whatever it is, it may be mental illness, in many cases it may not be. They could be as rational as you and I."

Radicalized Muslims are driven by their extreme ideology to commit violent acts. Notice how Rogers deceptively mentioned that in the Muslim-shooting-U.S.-soldiers case, the shooter was radicalized "while in prison".....and obvious shoutout to those fearmongers who don't want to try detainees "on U.S. soil."

However, according to the Republican, Rogers, who offers no evidence at all that Roeder or von Brunn acted out of economic frustration, being "radicalized" by decades of hate-filled political ideology against blacks, Jews, and abortion doctors shouldn't even be considered....."I'm not sure I would put that in the same category."

Right wing media have been overdosing on hate-speech and violent-revolutionary language since before Obama became president. Von Brunn, like many of the extremist conservatives who reject America's first black President, embraced the ridiculous notion that Obama isn't a U.S. citizen. Was von Brunn "radicalized" by right-wing media?

Right wing media have been overdosing on hate-speech and violent-revolutionary language since before Obama became president. Roeder, like many of the extremist conservatives who reject America's first black President, embraced the notion that Obama believed in "killing babies." Was Roeder "radicalized" by right-wing media?

The murders by von Brunn and Roeder, if you are to believe GOP spin, were not "ideologically" driven. It should go without saying that Mike Rogers (R-MI), and those who will most assuredly repeat Rogers' spin, have no credibility.

Later on Countdown, reporter Pete Williams, explained, "The Holocaust Museum is one of the most threatened buildings in Washington."

American Jew-haters, American Holocaust deniers....much like Iran's Ahmadinajab....embrace far-right, ultra-conservative IDEOLOGY.

The spin, which surely will become conventional wisdom, will be that all this violence is because of economic frustration.

And what Digby said.



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