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The GOP 2014 Midterm Strategy

By The Reverend Published: December 17, 2013

In November, RNC Chair Reince Priebus confidently announced that Republicans would run against Obamacare in the 2014 midterm campaigns.

"We will tattoo it to their forehead in 2014. We will run on it. And they will lose because of it."

Even "liberal" MSNBC is getting into the Foxian game....

In 2010, Republicans rode a wave of frustration over the economy and health-care overhaul, recapturing control of the House of Representatives. This time around, they’re focused on keeping that majority and looking toward gains in the Senate – and they’ll rely on the bungled rollout to fuel voter support.

Those who pay attention know that Fox and AM hate-radio have already started the carpet bombing of Democratic officials who voted in favor of the ACA. Fox-envy will, no doubt, create a pile on effect from the other main propaganda networks. The Winger Wurlitzer has been tuned and cranked up and is now spewing out non-stop anti-Obamacare rage and ridiculousness. Teas and GOP slaves to the rich are pisspants-excited about their chances to retake the Senate and maintain the House by campaigning relentlessly goodness....the ACA rollout.

Fantasies are fine and all.....when those fantasies are understood to be....well....fantasies. But when fantasies are taken seriously as if they are, say, the "skewed" presidential polls of 2012.....then there is a greater chance of psychological harm done to those who believe in the fantasy. As you know, The Reverend is all about protecting the mental well-being of conservative and Republican voters.

Last I heard, 1.2 million Americans had signed up for either Medicaid or health exchange insurance. That number increases daily. Come January 1st, those enrollees go on live, full time health coverage. I think it is safe to say that millions of Americans will have enrolled in Obamacare by the time the midterm campaigns kick off in earnest.

Yet, Republicans actually think that they can win the midterms next November by campaigning against the Obamacare rollout. Surely my conservative friends will explain what I'm missing here.....but I don't get it. Are Republican candidates actually going to campaign on repealing the ACA? If so, do they not realize that they will be campaigning to kick millions of Americans off of their newly obtained health insurance?

Reince implied it was the "rollout" which shrewd Republican candidates would "tattoo" to the foreheads of Democratic candidates who voted to pass the ACA. The "rollout"? Wouldn't that be like drunk, impatient sports fanatics booing the home team after the first minute of a game....then gathering up their belongings and going home before the other 59 minutes of the game is even played? And how much sense does that make?

From my reading I see that there are two "hammers" with which Republicans intend to pound Democrats leading up to the midterms. One is the website, Yes, the website didn't function as advertised when it opened it's virtual doors. But it is improving each week. Not sure that criticism of the website rollout will resonate with voters come next September.....but I'm estimating that the majority of American voters are not so vindictive or petty  to major on such a minor. Tea Party voters? Sure, they'll rally behind the dead-ender strategy, but have you looked at the Tea Party's favorability numbers lately?

The second "hammer" Reince's Renegades plan to use against Democrats is the alleged lie Obama told the American people about "if you like your insurance...." Some folks disagree with me here, but it is a fact that some Americans are keeping the insurance they "like." If insurance companies still offer the same insurance policies they sold before the spring of 2010....even if those plans do not meet ACA standards....consumers can continue to keep those plans. Many high-deductible "catastrophic" plans that don't qualify post-2010 are still valid today because of the ACA's grandfather clause. And that was true before Obama offered his adjustments.

As I see it, Republicans are going to campaign against Democrats who voted for the ACA by trying to convince voters that Democrats can't be relied upon to be honest or trustworthy. The fact that some Americans won't be able to keep their insurance.....the evidence. But that is purposely placing the blame for lost policies on the ACA rather than on insurance companies who quit offering barebones policies.

Nothing prevented insurance companies from maintaining their offerings, even if those offerings were basically "junk insurance." So, in essence, the ACA....and through osmosis, Democrats.....will be blamed by campaigning Republicans for something private insurers choose to do.

Finally.....for those who would argue...."but what about keeping my doctor?" Can you keep your doctor if your doctor dies? Can you keep your doctor if your doctor moves permanently to Europe? Can you keep your doctor if your doctor retires from doctoring? If that because of Obamacare? Would that be Obama and the Democrats fault as well?

If the House Republicans passed the Ryan-Murray budget thinking that it would help them to clear the deck in order to focus exclusively on bashing Democrats over the head with the ACA heading into next November.....and those Republicans think that's a winning electoral strategy.....then honestly, they are more foolish than I had ever imagined.

And you already know how foolish I think Republicans are now.



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