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The GOP's Bravery And Patriotism

By The Reverend Published: May 18, 2008

Opponents of our next president, President Barack Obama, have sought to blemish the Democratic candidate by calling into question, with trivial and meaningless tripe about lapel pins and the pledge of allegiance, his patriotism.

These Republican opponents of Obama consider themselves to be THE patriots. Endlessly we have heard,over the last 30 years, how brave and resolute and courageous Republican leaders are in keeping our nation "safe". Their's, they say, is the "national security" party, the party of the patriotic.

Well....let's see about all that.....

Congress voted Thursday on a new bill to fund the ongoing Iraq occupation. The Republicans in the House, at least 132 of them, exhibited their strong committment to the occupation of Iraq by voting...."present". That's being resolute and firm of conviction.....isn't it?

First, the Democratic leadership put a bill on the floor, separated into three parts, which would have provided funding for Iraq and Afghanistan operations, as well as new benefits for military veterans and an extension of unemployment benefits for people who had lost their jobs.

David Obey,(D-Wisc), points out the obvious....

“We gave them an opportunity to vote up or down on the merits on supplemental funding for the war and 132 of them ducked the vote in order to be cute.”

Why, if these 132 GOP'ers support Bush's occupation of choice and the American troops who have been ordered to do the occupying, why would they be so indifferent to voting for more funds to continue the occupation? Democrats in the House voted 147 against funding.....they took a stand that in ending the occupation of Iraq....our soldiers and our country will be much better off.....safer too. Apparently, 132 Republicans couldn't make up their minds whether they are for occupation or against occupation.

But that's only the half of it.

Then these bold, brave, courageous and hyper-patriotic supporters of the United States military, too bold and brave to vote up or down on funding an occupation they still embrace......proved to the country just how resolute, bold, and unflappable they are in their support of the troops. Support for the same troops who carry out the acts of aggression and occupation in Iraq ordered by the GOP criminals in the White House....

The House Thursday did pass a Democratic plan to sharply boost education benefits for Iraq-Afghanistan veterans and to award people whose unemployment benefits have expired with a 13-week extension.

The 266-166 fell short of the two-thirds needed to overcome a promised veto by President Bush.

The plan would impose a surtax on individual incomes exceeding $500,000 to pay for the 10-year, $52 billion cost of boosting the GI Bill to provide Iraq veterans with college educations. Couples would pay the tax on income exceeding $1 million. Link

166 House members, mostly Republicans, voted against expanding GI benefits. The Democrats even made the GI Bill more appealing to all those shrewd Republican "fiscal conservatives" by PAYING for the increase with new revenues. Something Republicans have never done with Iraq or troop funding. The GOP's method of financing adventurous wars of choice?......Charge it.

Fiscally conservative and supportive of our patriotic soldiers.....and 166 Republicans voted against passage.

All this from those great protectors of the Homeland. All this from the "national security" party.

And what about the Dear Leader, the One who heads the party of the 166 who voted against expanding benefits to the troops....

The White House weighed in again Thursday with a promise to veto the bill over the non-war spending, the new tax surcharge and restrictions on Bush's ability to conduct the war in Iraq.

Bush also has threatened to veto any bill that ties his hands on Iraq. The House measure would require Bush to begin pulling out troops from Iraq within 30 days once the bill becomes law, with a nonbinding goal of a complete withdrawal of combat troops within 18 months. Link

The Leader offers more of the same. McCain promises more of the same. McCain is against the GI Bill expansion as well. The GOP House and Senate members? They still follow their Leaders, always will, and that's why they voted "present" on the first vote and "no" on expanded GI benefits.....they were reflecting the bold and resolute courage of their "more of the same" Leaders.

That's right. I can't make sense of it either.



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