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The Great Hoax Of 2011

By The Reverend Published: June 25, 2011

For the last year or so Republicans and their stenographers in the media have been carrying out a hoax on the American people. In a time of perilously low employment when government spending is needed more than ever to fill the hole in demand, the Hoax crowd has successfully focused the American peoples' attention on debt and deficit reduction instead. As was done during the campaign by the same characters to lead us into an illegal war against a non-threatening sovereign country in too again the Hoaxers have been successful in 2010-2011 misleading Americans into believing stuff which is simply not true about our national economy.

The Pearl Clutching Choir has been singing as loudly as they can for over a year now....seeking to mislead American voters into believing if we don't slash and burn Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, public unions, teachers health care benefits, aid to our most vulnerable citizens, Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare.....our nation will go bankrupt and turn into Somalia, or something similar.

While wringing their hands in oh-so-serious-worrying over what forms of "sacrifice" the American people must endure over our predicament.....the same players twitch uncontrollably and cross themselves frantically whenever any hint of tax increases are suggested.

Make no mistake.....what the GOP representatives and their stenographers have been bellyaching about for months on end.....has been an organized and concerted effort to mislead Americans, mislead them into believing a lie

The Congressional Budget Office, a convenient source for Republicans when agreeing with the preconceived notions of conservatives, has put out a couple of new charts. The top chart lays out a projection of our yearly budget deficit with the Bush tax cuts expiring. The lower chart lays out a projection of our yearly budget deficit with the Bush tax cuts made permanent.

Notice in the top chart that if Congress simply does nothing other than allowing the egregious Bush-era tax cuts to expire....projected revenues will match projected spending, bringing the budget in balance before Obama's second term ends.

On the other hand, if Congress is so foolish to extend the egregious Bush-era tax cuts, future spending will wind up dwarfing the lower revenue numbers.

In the weeks leading up to Default Day, August 2nd, the deceptive Republican "message", and thus the corporate media "message", will continue to be "shared sacrifice". Which means that Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, public unions, teachers benefits, aid to the vulnerable, Planned Parenthood and ObamaCare must all take a significant "haircut." What "shared sacrifice" will never mean to conservatives and their stenographic media pets, is ending Bush-era tax cuts for everybody.

Yet, simply by ending the Bush-era tax cuts, our near term deficit problem disappears entirely.

Republican deficit fetishists and their blow-up media dolls, just as they were not doing when they led us into an illegal war in 2002-2003, are not trying to solve a financial threat to America by insisting on radical cuts to our safety net and way of life. Instead, what these deviants are doing is purposely ignoring the obvious solution to our deficit problem, lying their Serious asses off, and papering over the obvious solution with supply-side, class warfare, slash and burn Pearl Clutching ideology.

Don't be misled.



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