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The Hoax Ends

By The Reverend Published: August 27, 2008

Those Americans planning on voting for an unprecedented third term of the Terror Twins in the 72 year old person of John McCain, are sad this morning.

Hillary Clinton didn't cause any trouble for Barack Obama last night.

You see, corporate media and rogue government loving Bush/Cheney/McCain hacks encouraged Republican voters, as we moved closer to the Democratic Convention, suggesting that Barack Obama's campaign for president would collapse after Hillary and her "voters" raised unholy hell in Denver this week. Predictions of doom continually rolled off the tongues of the usual suspect propagandists.

Alas, the dumbasses were wrong. Imagine that. Not only did Hillary Clinton and her "voters" not cause Obama any trouble last night.....Mrs. Clinton made it abundantly clear that she supports Obama, unequivocally, for president. She spoke directly to those who voted for her in the primaries and instructed them carefully that now is the time to join her in putting Obama/Biden in the White House. To Hillary, there are no other options.

No narcissistic, self-absorbed call to splinter the Democratic sign of disunity. None of it. Hillary, along with a host of other intelligent, well spoken Democrats of both sexes and of every color and background, paraded to the podium one after the other last evening all speaking with one voice.....elect Barack Obama as the next president.

Sadly, this morning, McCain supporters are sad. They know that unless something significant changes the "playing field".....their candidate is going to have his POW ass handed to him in November. These GOP bitter-enders were pipedreaming about some 1968 sequel playing out at last night's convention.....anxiously awaiting an intravenous bag of Democratic bickering and fragmentation to hook up to their dying party and pitifully poor candidate.....and to give them a reason to go out and vote for one of the weakest GOP presidential candidates in recent memory. It never happened.

Last night Ohio's Dennis Kucinich told not only Democrats, but all Americans, to wake up. His animated "Wake up America" talk brought the crowd to it's feet for a standing ovation. Governor Ted Strickland told Americans about how George W. Bush was born on third base, thought he had hit a triple, but then proceeded to steal second. Not bad for a, you know, Reverend. Mark Warner, ex-governor of Virginia and the next senator from that state, showed Americans why he's a rising star in the Democratic Party and more than likely will succeed Obama in 2016.

And then Hillary put the final nail into the GOP coffin by delivering a very good speech, not only reaffirming what she and the Democratic Party stand for....but encouraging all Americans to focus now on putting Obama/Biden into the White keep the dream of America alive. Well done, Hillary.

To those sweating out the polling data that will be released this those saddened by such a strong showing of unity by the anyone downhearted because they found out last night that Hillary....I know it's a a full blooded Democrat....let me offer you a lightning rod to run your sadness to ground.

George W. Bush and Richard Cheney.

While the Terror Twins, who had shirked military service themselves, were snarling and grabbing their adolescent big-boy crotches sending Americans to die in a hoax...while the CEO Bush administration was financing the cost of wars of choice through the childish and reckless cutting of 7-home-owner's taxes....while we watched "compassionate conservative" policy worked out in the abandonment of poor minorities in Louisiana....the backlash was building. That now mighty backlash, whose energy will crest the first week of November, was brought on by the incompetent, cynical, permanent-majority-dreaming maniacs who touted that they would "restore dignity to the presidency."

Once more I offer my condolences to faithful, though misled, Republican voters. Today's Bush/Cheney/Rove/McCain Republicans have proven once and for all that they cannot govern America in a modern age. They put on one heckuva "mission accomplished" theatrical show....but they didn't accomplish much for American people, and what was accomplished, was destructive. They talked proudly of a "humble foreign policy", and then had to eat humble pie when their WMD imminent threat hoax crumbled right before America's eyes. They painstakingly preached about stimulating America's economy through counter-productive tax relief for those who didn't need it and which only brought more pain to working families, stimulating those same families to rise up and vote for Democrats this time.

Fellow Americans of the Republican persuasion: Take today's sadness off your psychological backs and place it where it belongs....not on Hillary, not on the Democrats....but on those very bad men and women in the Bush/Cheney administration, who, through their criminal and reckless approach to governing, have insured the permanent minority status for the political party, ironically, that they sought to make a permanent majority.

Just as the ancient Jewish priests, in an annual Day of Atonement, placed the sins of the people, symbolically, on the head of a goat and sent him out into the wilderness....Republicans need to cleanse themselves of the worst executive administration in American history. Republican voters, take that sad feeling you are experiencing this week, the pit-of-the-stomach thing that happens when bitter disappointment finally sets in, and dispose of it....lay all that sadness at the neo-con men and women's altar of propagandistic fantasy...and come join the new movement to restore the nation we all love.



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