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The Injustice Department

By The Reverend Published: December 21, 2007


Cluttering up the Bush administration crime table top this week has been the gang rape story by Kellogg Brown and Root employees of the young American woman working inside of Iraq, the willful destruction of torture tapes by the CIA after having been ordered not to do so, and the ongoing clamor for the granting of amnesty to corporate communications Constitution breakers, like AT%T, who were co-conspirators in George W. Bush's 5 year, and counting, campaign of illegal spying on Americans.

This writer from Harper's wonders whose side of the law the Justice Department of the United States is really on.....

The Department of Justice has no available resources to deal with contractor crimes. It doesn’t even have a warm body to send before a Congressional probe of the matter to state its position. But it is deploying all its available assets to justify criminal conduct, to secure immunity for persons who unapologetically broke the law based on the criminal solicitations of government officers, to cover up official criminality related to the torture and abuse of persons under detention, and to obstruct Congressional investigations into other potentially criminal acts in which it was involved. A person observing this from some detached point in space might well conclude that the function of the Department of Justice under President Bush is not to enforce the law. It is to commit and promote criminal conduct. At this point, it’s clear that breaking the law is the Justice Department’s number one, two and three priority. And law enforcement? That’s disappeared from the scene. Link

By the way, the reason this has all happened, at least to a great extent, is because Karl Rove fully politicized the Justice Department for the sake of Karl's pipepdream of a permanent Republican majority. That's what the Federal Attorney firings scandal was all about. Laughably, all the usual commenting suspects spun all of those crime stories as only attempts by liberal America haters to "criminalize politics". Now sadly, if the Justice Department is called upon to, you know, enforce justice......that call is a call to "criminalize politics".

John Dean published his Worse Than Watergate book in 2001. The book primarily focused on the extreme secrecy already at work in the first year of the Bush administration. This extreme secrecy, as we know now, was for the purpose of hiding law breaking on a grand scale. The culmination of this process is now before our very eyes in a Bush Justice Department that promotes....yes, promotes.....injustice and lawbreaking.

Read the Harper's column in it's entirety and then take in Glenn Greenwald's words about it here.



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