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The Land Of Lies

By The Reverend Published: June 23, 2011

It seems that Bloomberg took a new poll....

A majority of Americans say job growth would best be revived with prescriptions favored by the (Republican) party: cuts in government spending and taxes, the Bloomberg Poll shows. Even 40 percent of Democrats share that view.


Though Americans rate unemployment and the economy as a greater concern than the deficit and government spending, the issues are now closely connected. Sixty-five percent of respondents say they believe the size of the federal deficit is “a major reason” the jobless rate hasn’t dropped significantly.


Republican criticism of the federal budget growth has gained traction with the public. Fifty-five percent of poll respondents say cuts in spending and taxes would be more likely to bring down unemployment than would maintaining or increasing government spending, as Obama did in his 2009 stimulus package.

What this Bloomberg poll least to that repeating falsehoods over and over is a successful way for propagandists....deception get Americans to believe a lie.

In September, 2003.....70% of Americans believed that Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9-11 attacks. He wasn't. And there was no evidence that he was. Yet, corporate media.....anxious to do the bidding of the Bush administration at the time.....spun out the administration's lies repeatedly over a 2+ year period until 70% of average Americans believed in the lie.

The same thing has happened since the collapse of America's economy and the election of Democratic President Barack Obama. Wall Street banksters gamed a deregulated, "on your honor", system.....risking our nation's economic future in a risky gambling game consisting of huge bets on mortgage derivatives and credit default swaps. Those Wall Street gamblers crapped out.....and now average American workers and families are paying for it.

The Tea Party, conveniently, organized and rolled out their nonsensical conservative movement before the smoke had cleared from Wall Street's implosion. The Tea Party instantly became the darling of corporate media....they became joined at the hip, as it were....the media spouting the Tea Party "message" each and every day for months and months on end. What was that message? Government debt had become such an emergency problem that it just had to be new taxes would not be tolerated.

Every day, every night....corporate media spouted the claims of the Teabaggers as gospel....deficits and debt were elevated to a prominent place in all discussions, despite the fact that the same corporate media was entirely silent during the doubling-of-the-debt years of a Republican president.

The goal of the propagandists, paid for by our richest citizens, was to prevent increasing taxes in the wake of the Wall Street disaster. A corollary goal was to fight and fend off any new regulatory structure on the Wall Street crooks' casino operations.

"Cutting government spending" became the new war cry.....the new "Saddam was in on 9-11" lie. Now, a majority of Americans, according to Bloomberg, just as they did in 2003, have accepted the lie as truth.

Cutting government spending in the middle of a lack-of-demand recession, a recession with interest rates at historic the opposite of what Americans should be embracing. Cutting government spending....taking more demand out of the economy, laying off more workers.....will only make our economic woes greater.

Cutting taxes...especially on the rich....will do nothing to create jobs and revive our economy. Deep historic tax cuts during the last administration did not catapult our national economy into the high-growth lane. But after hearing the same falsehood over and over on teevee, on radio and in print.....Americans logical thought processes have been neutralized.....the new Big Lie accepted.

The size of the deficit has nothing, whatsoever, to do with our jobless rate. No conservative has been able to present a convincing causal case between high deficits and high unemployment.....yet 65% of Americans now believe that the deficit is hindering job creation.

55% now think that cutting government spending and cutting taxes would bring down unemployment numbers.....when doing so would actually extend and possibly worsen the recession.

Convincing Americans to believe in lies is the full time job of corporate media. There's method to the lie-repeating madness. Readers may think that such a conspiracy to deceive could not possibly be successful in such a free country like the U.S......but I would ask those readers to consider the 100,000 dead Iraqis and the 4500 dead U.S. soldiers who are now dead because U.S government leaders, working hand in glove with corporate media, convinced the American public to believe in a lie.

Now they've done it again.



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