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The "Limbaugh Babies"

By The Reverend Published: July 6, 2009

I got a kick out of the AB Journal's front page coverage today of the Canton Tea Party held on Sunday. "Hundreds", the Beacon blares out in it's headline, attended the Canton Tea-Bag Extravaganza.

Just in case you've forgotten, and I wouldn't blame you if you had, the TEA part of the parties represents Taxed Enough Already. Other deeply profound slogans were reported on hand held signs in Canton.

''Impeach Everyone Who Signed the Stimulus Bill,'' ''Keep Your Change, I'll Keep My Dollars''and ''Choose Liberty, Not Tyranny.''

Other explanations for the protest....

''the out-of-control spending and the rush toward socialism.''

''because I'm sick and tired of both sides not following the rules anymore.''

''Whatever happened to people's rights?''

''What baffles me,'' she said, ''is how Congress can vote on something they never read.''

''I feel we're going in the wrong direction with our policies,'' she said. ''I want government out of our lives yesterday.''

''My husband has small businesses and we're going to be hurt by the policies put in place,'' she said. ''I'm here for my children's future.''

Coherent? I think not. The answer to "whatever happened to people's rights?" seems to be 'nothing'.....and the question was asked in the middle of an exercise of.....wait for it.....people's rights. So theres' that bit of fun.

But I simply LOVED the sign that used the phrase, "Limbaugh babies." Now, that's some funny sh*t.

Let's have a bit more fun, shall we, after a great holiday weekend, know, to re-inflate our spirits as we get back to the grind.

The 'sign', in it's entirety, reads, "You'll answer to our generation: The "Limbaugh babies are the next voting block!!"
Presumably, the sign's reference is to the less-than-30% of the voting population who will make up a fraction of the next 'generation' that votes.

First....I'm pretty good with right off the algorithmic-bat, I can see that 30% (or less) isn't a majority of 100%. I suppose the "you'll" part refers to the majority Democrats. I'm not sure the majority Democrats are trembling over electoral threats from "Limbaugh babies." Could be wrong but I highly doubt it.

When I first saw the "Limbaugh babies" part....I thought, 'So, that's why Rush had all that Viagara down in Costa Rica.' Perhaps Rush, in typical neo-con fashion, has been leading some secret Latin America reproductive-revolution thing using....ummm....'small arms' that often misfire.

Then I thought again, 'Nah....what woman in their right mind would let all that blubber get THAT close to them?'

Then I remembered the drugs. Yes, perhaps even a blubber-body, like the defacto GOP Leader, could attract women by tempting them with handfuls of Oxycontins.

And so I pondered on, as in, ponder-on-dude (Garth would have loved him some Tea Party, huh?)......I know that Rush doesn't have any children, perhaps because his 'little swimmers' are also too fat, you know, to swim. And perhaps, because he has no children, he regards the children of his listeners as HIS children....the "next voting block."

I tentatively concluded that the intended meaning of the sign must be that, Limbaugh Listeners, The Next Generation, (like Star-Trek), will rise up someday and show those minorities-workers-gays-women-loving Democrats what's what.

Just when I thought I understood the message of the sign in it's breathtaking profundity.....I looked at the other sign in the picture. It read, "No 'Obama care', No 'Cap N Trade'(new breakfast cereal?), 'No more taxes', Stop spending our future.'

I was compelled to ponder on. See....I know from my reading that a huge majority of Americans want national health care reform, are concerned about the impact to our environment of burning fossil fuel, and have no problem with rolling back the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest. Adding even more confusion was the fact that the Grand Old Party Leadership just finished their reign during which the national debt doubled in 8 short years. I guess after that spending spree, NOW is the right time to "stop spending."

Sidenote here: Jewell Cardwell's byline included, "Just people craving change." Must be a misprint. Because the message of the sign in the picture heading the piece was about PREVENTING CHANGE. A bit confusing.

But...maybe...I have it all wrong....and there's some new Third Party forming out there, some new generational army of,....hell-if-I-know,..... libertarians, independents, new Whigs.....who hate both political parties and are going to rally around a new know, like George Wallace or Ross Perot tried to do.

Lo and behold, I remembered that Wallace and Perot barely made a dent.

So what does it all mean?

Beats the hell out of me.



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