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The Mighty Newton

By The Reverend Published: October 20, 2009

The comedy show continues....

I realize that Newt Gingrich is considered to be a bonafide, certified, conservative intellectual.....a master GOP sharpie....the Republican go-to guy for "ideas."

So, I'm thinking Newt thinks, because he is just so smart and full of, like, ideas, that Republicans are going to take back the House and the Senate next year. What I would like smart Newt to tell all of us non-smart how the f*ck, Newt, is that going to happen?

20% of Americans identify themselves with the GOP. Twenty percent.

Republicans are acknowledging Democrats could GAIN Senate seats next November, up to four....and the very best Republicans are projected to do in the House is a gain of between 20-24 seats.

Given that scenario.....Newt, nothing has a chance of being repealed, you know, this side of hell freezing over,....and Newt, I gotta' tell ya'.....if you're planning on things getting better in 2012 with some kind of Palin-Pawlenty-Romney-Huckabee combo-platter, you are going to be one sad conservative intellectual.

Republicans are still in denial, most all GOP politicans now are only appealing to the extremist base. America is moving away from the extreme right's conservative philosophy, not towards it.

Whether the far right likes it or not, the American population has become more tolerant of sexual and racial diversities. The neo-conservative doctrine is not favored by the American people. Laissez-faire economics has blown up in the face of everyone. The past GOP administration doubled the national debt in 8 years, much for small government and fiscal conservancy.

Republicans are still in denial. I think what has happened is that George W. Bush and The Dick have left a bigger neo-con, chickenhawk-cowboy, never-back-down, never-admit-error, impression on the individual psyches of the far right, than anyone expected. Or at least reality-based anyones.

An so there's ole' Newtie, 9 months into a new Democratic administration with big Democratic margins in Congress, and instead of coming up with some new, you know, ideas.....and admitting that, yeah, Republicans, like Michael Steele said, can't be trusted right now.....Newt runs his big, bait-the-base, mouth, about how Republicans are so big and bad and we're coming back and we're going to repeal Obama and the Democrats' health care reform legislation.

Perhaps someday, thoughtful conservatives will distance themselves from the likes of Fox and it's many Fiends. Maybe down the road Republicans and conservatives will genuinely analyze their humiliating failures to govern, their predilection to make everything they touch while governing corrupt. I suppose it's possible for conservatives to come up with other ideas other than, "let's cut taxes" or "be afraid" or "let's bomb another country"......I suppose it's possible....someday...but it sure isn't going to happen anytime soon.

Until it starts to happen Newt.....go back to Georgia and pound salt.



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