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The Mighty TEAs Strikeout

By The Reverend Published: December 22, 2011

TEAs went to the polls in 2010 licking their chops in the hopes of sticking it to the dreadful Kenyan socialist....the guy 53% of Americans voted in as president two short years earlier. TEAs were going to retake their country from the slavery of progressivism and set America free from its chains of socialistic bondage. Elected House TEAs actually regarded themselves as 'the ones we've been waiting for'.....the ones who would make Droopy McConnell's top GOP priority, a one term Obama, a rousing reality.

By god, these new House 'patriots', patriots such as have never been witnessed in all of American history, would show the Democratic communists how to create jobs, how to move and shake, how to lead us out of the deep recession the previous GOP government had led us into. TEA Republicans were going to put a wayward country back on track. And, most importantly, TEAs were not going to be weak-kneed and partially-pink compromisers with the enemy Democrats. There's no RINO in TEA.

Compromise is for appeasers. Compromise is for cowards. So, compromise was off the table. That was how very, very serious the new House TEAS were about governance. In the Shining City on a Hill template democracy which is the United States of America, TEAs would prove to the world how not compromising with your political opponents was the way forward in the 21st century. Refusing half a loaf instead of taking half a loaf became the new TEA badge of honor. Even if the entire country starved to death.

It should go without saying that this House of Representatives has been the worst House ever. They have not accomplished anything, and that has been by design.

And so as our never ending story of GOP obstruction continues today, we find that even Droopy himself, Senate GOP Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell....the guy who declared the GOP's top priority of getting rid of Obama....can't even come to terms with the cluster***k that is the House.....

Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican leader who negotiated the two-month compromise with the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, has been largely silent, in effect standing by his deal and letting House Republicans stew in the controversy. Mr. McConnell believed he had Mr. Boehner’s backing for whatever deal he won, lawmakers say, but House Republicans rebelled when Mr. Boehner presented it to them on a Saturday afternoon conference call.

When House TEAs behave so crazily that even "make Obama a one term president" McConnell can't defend know you're dealing with an irrational and incompetent bunch who need sent home next election.

The shameless House TEAs took it on the chin all day yesterday from such Leninist believers as the Wall Street Journal, Karl Rove, John McCain, Bob Corker, and Lisa Murkowski.

How intramural cat fight. Republicans battling Republicans out in the open. It simply doesn't get any better.

The point here is how extremely radical the GOP controlled House actually is...and how Speaker Boehner has absolutely no control over his renegade Republican members. Americans who now give Congress an 11% approval rating...Americans who now approve of the Dark Knight Kenyan President Obama by 49% (a 10 point increase in the last few months),...have seen enough. If an election were held today, Democrats would retake the House.

All I can say is ...good job TEA men. You've stayed the course, you haven't compromised. You've kept to your stiff-necked, authoritarian and anti-democratic stance. You've worked hard to bring the government within an eyelash of a standstill 3 times in less than a year. Your chants of "cut it or shut it" and "shut it down" probably still send chills down your own diseased spines...and yet, you're also entirely responsible for the first downgrade of U.S. debt in its history...and now, you're acting like dimwitted spoiled brats over a freaking tax cut, whose non-passage will affect 160 million Americans.

Come next November, Americans will know what to do with uncontrollable, petulant, spoiled brats who suffer from illusions of grandeur. Not only will voters take the keys to the car away from the TEA drivers in the House....they will also leave the extremists along the side of the road, by themselves. Because that's where they belong.



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