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The Mind of a Conscienceless Maniac

By The Reverend Published: September 21, 2007


Here I thought virtual reality was still a few technological clicks away from becoming, like, real. Not according to the president....

"There is no question there are some unsettling times in the housing markets and credits associated with the housing market," the president told reporters at a White House news conference. But he said he didn't see that spreading to the broader economy.

In fantasyland, the fact that the FED, after holding fast to no changes for a long time, lowered the FED rate by a half point this week is NOT a sign that the "unsettling times in the housing markets" was spreading to the overall economy. Adjusting his rose colored glasses for the blind, Bush said he WOULD be pessimistic about the economy only if he thought Congress was going to raise taxes.

Those must be Resolute brand rose colored glasses.

But get a load of this "W in Wonderland" weirdness....

Bush opened the news conference with a statement challenging Democrats on their proposal for a $35 billion increase in a children's health insurance program. Bush has threatened to veto the bill.

The $35 billion increase for the State Children's Health Insurance Program, called SCHIP, would bring total spending to about $60 billion, or twice the level sought by the administration.

The president urged lawmakers to send him a simple extension of the current program... which expires at the end of this month... if both sides cannot agree on terms of a new measure.

"Members of Congress are putting poor children at risk so they can score political points in Washington," Bush said. He said that "more than a million children could lose health coverage" if the program is allowed to expire. Link

Wearing his human compassion on his sleeve, Commander Guy tells Congress (paraphrasing)..." Don't make me hurt the children, I don't want to hurt the children but Congress is forcing me into a position where I'll have no choice but to hurt the children. I don't want to cut off one million kids from health coverage but I will if I'm forced into it."

This is somewhat similar to Commander Guy's position on our soldiers in Iraq. If Congress would have(they didn't) passed a bill calling for our soldiers to have as many months home as they have in their Iraq tours, the Codpiece in Chief would have vetoed it. Paraphrasing again Bush's thinking on this...."I don't want to hurt the troops, but if you force me, I'll have to hurt them. It's not because of something I choose to do. It's because of what Congress is forcing me to's their fault." In this case Congressional Republicans voted to hurt the troops so Bush wouldn't have to.

Back to the kid's insurance issue. Could it be that W. is simply a fiscally Conservative Commander Guy and that's why he'll hurt the children if he's forced into it? No, that can't be it because the Decider has decided to ask for another $50 billion to give to the military-industrial-energy complex operating inside Iraq. So, it's not really fiscal conservancy we're dealing with that is leaking out from Bush's empty head.

Let's compare Bush's other vetoes with this new "Don't force me to hurt the children" veto threat. The first veto by the Great and Glorious Decider was his veto of federal money being used for embryonic stem cell research. In that case, the Chimp would not allow Congress to hurt the frozen embryoes that no one wanted. He stood firm, not wanting the guilt of hurting those frozen embryoes on his conscience.

Now George doesn't want the guilt on his conscience for hurting real children who need health care either but he's told Congress he will hurt them if they force him into it.

The other Bush veto, if memory serves me, was over timelines attached to a supplemental Iraq spending bill. In that case the Dear Leader didn't want any deadlines to his ongoing plan to hurt the troops. He just wanted the $100 billion SUPPLEMENT to help the military-industrial-energy complex. Lucky for the troops that following the veto Congress didn't force the president into hurting the troops even more.

Now Congress is up to their same old tricks. They're placing the Dear and Glorious Leader in a position he doesn't want to be in but will not shrink from, to be sure. If it becomes necessary to hurt children without health coverage, he will. He doesn't want to do it but Congress is forcing him into it.

No wonder the wingnuts sing his praises. Praises to a maniac.



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