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The Mob Conspiracy To Murder JFK, Part 1

By The Reverend Published: April 12, 2010

I've just finished reading a 900+ page book entitled, "Ultimate Sacrifice" written by Lamar Waldron, assisted by Thom Hartmann. I went through it at Barnes & Nobles a couple of months ago and thought it might be worth a look.

I was right.

The subtitle is 'John and Robert Kennedy, the Plan for a Coup in Cuba, and the Murder of JFK.'

I would certainly recommend this exhaustive research book to anyone interested in learning the most up to date evidence on the conspiracy behind the JFK assassination.

The following information has been culled from Part Two, Chapter 49 of "Ultimate Sacrifice"....

According to the extensive material presented, the three U.S. mob bosses, Santo Trafficante, Johnny Rosselli and Carlos Marcello masterminded the plan to murder JFK. They were motivated by the direct threat posed by the Kennedy's to their huge and lucrative drug, gambling, gunrunning and prostitution businesses and, in 1963, the imminent threat of imprisonment or personal deportation by Attorney General, Bobby Kennedy.

Key players in the JFK murder conspiracy masterminded by Trafficante, Marcello, and Rosselli were: former FBI supervisor Guy Banister, French Connection mastermind Michel Victor Mertz, and Chicago hitman Charlie Nicoletti.

On the next level of the conspiracy came Jack Ruby, Chicago law enforcement official (and Mafioso) Richard Cain, David Ferrie and Eladio del Valle. Other Trafficante associates involved included John Martino and Rolando Masferrer. Jimmy Hoffa's enforcer in Puerto Rico, Frank Chavez, was also involved. Chavez was an associate of Jack Ruby who would later attempt to kill Robert Kennedy.

The CIA's David Morales, a close friend of mobster Johnny Rosselli, played a role in the conspiracy, as well as one other unnamed CIA official.

Tony Varona and Manuel Aritime, both exiled Cuban leaders, also played a role in JFK's murder.

"Looking at those involved in JFK's assassination, most were informants or operatives for various US intelligence or law-enforcement agencies. Rosselli, Trafficante, Marcello, Nicoletti, Ruby, Cain and Varona had all worked on the CIA-Mafia plots. (to assassinate Fidel Castro in the late 50's and early 60's) Banister, Ferrie, del Valle, Martino, Frank Fiorini, Masferrer, and the (unnamed) CIA operative had all been involved in CIA-backed anti-Castro operations. Such operations not only let all those people feed disinformation to the CIA and other agencies; it also gave them potential blackmail leverage to use against those agencies if they were ever suspected of involvement in JFK's assassination."

Revealed for the first time in "Ultimate Sacrifice" is the evidence of three assassination attempts on JFK in November, 1963. The first in Chicago on November 2nd consisted of 4 shooters with high powered rifles. An anonymous call to the Secret Service warning of the plot caused JFK to cancel his trip there at the last minute. The second was in Tampa on November 18, 1963. Again, the plan involved four shooters from windows of a tall building along JFK's motorcade route. The plot in Tampa was uncovered ahead of time resulting in 700 security agents being used to protect JFK's motorcade that day. And, of course, the fatal attempt 4 days later on the 22nd in Dallas where security was lax and where authorities had not been tipped off.

Also named in the book for the first time is the Cuban military leader, Commander Juan Almeida, Cuba's number 3 behind the Castro brothers. Almeida was working with Bobby Kennedy in 1963, having been disillusioned with Fidel Castro's leadership, on a secretive and sophisticated plan to be implemented on or around December 1, 1963, to assassinate Fidel Castro, bringing and end to the communist government in Cuba.

This plot, "C-Day", was infiltrated by the three mob bosses and used to insidiously weave their own plot to assassinate President Kennedy. This new information helps to explain why the American people could not be told about the real conspiracy to kill JFK.

First: If it became public knowledge that the CIA, under the authority and guidance of the Kennedys, was planning to assassinate Fidel Castro and overthrow the communist government in Cuba.....national security, truly, would have been threatened. The U.S. actually faced it's most serious threat in the 60's from Russian nuclear missiles. The Cold War was red hot during those days.

Second: Robert Kennedy and a host of operatives had worked long and hard to plan "C-Day". In the immediate aftermath of JFK's killing, if there were any hopes of preserving the Castro plan, keeping covert "assets" secretive, and perhaps still carrying out the plan later, any in depth investigation into how the mob had penetrated the plot itself in order to murder the president had to be prevented.

This information also helps to explain Robert Kennedy's grieving proclamation after hearing of his brother's murder...."I've killed my own brother."

In addition, if the investigation into JFK's murder got too close to the real killers.....many, many questions about the CIA's power and close ties to Mafioso figures would certainly have been damaging to that agency, as well as the U.S. government as a whole.

The U.S. government is still, today, keeping over one million documents dealing with the JFK murder secret. The release date, if it's honored, of the remaining related documents is 2017.

"Ultimate Sacrifice" is persuasive. The authors have no axes to grind, no pet conspiracies to spin. All conclusions and implications are supported by corroborated evidence. The authors have amassed what appears to be ALL available factual evidence on the JFK conspiracy and arranged it into a lengthy thriller-narrative whose storyline and conclusion ring true throughout.

Don't take my word for it. Buy the book. Read the book.

Tomorrow, Part 2.....Lee Harvey Oswald: CIA Asset & Mob Patsy



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