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The New York Times Knee Padders

By The Reverend Published: July 31, 2007


This is one of many case studies on how those oh-so-liberal Main Stream Media representatives seem to always do the bidding of the oh-so-neo-conservative White House.

Okay here's the set-up. Alberto Gonzales and Andrew Card make an evening visit to the hospital where John Ashcroft, then Attorney General, is undergoing treatment. Before going in to the hospital Ashcroft makes James Comey acting AG. Normal protocol.

Why did Gonzales and Card want to talk to Ashcroft if Comey was the acting AG? Or were they simply bringing flowers and best wishes?

It seems Comey wouldn't sign off on Bush's illegal warrantless wiretapping program at the time it was up for renewal. Gonzales and Card were hopng they could get Ashcroft, who was under medication for pain at the time, to overrule Comey's objections.

Comey and others at Justice were threatening to resign en masse if the illegal eavesdropping on Americans plan was rubber stamped as it had been operating. It was such a tense situation that Comey called for FBI backup at the hospital!

Mueller for the first time publicly confirmed he dispatched -- as Comey testified -- an FBI security detail to Ashcroft's hospital room to ensure that Comey was not removed from the room when Gonzales was there.

Think about what went on here. Comey saw the danger of Gonzales being left alone in the room with a drugged up Ashcroft and called in FBI backup. Comey feared that Gonzales would somehow get Ashcroft to approve something Comey rejected to in the extreme.

Why the Soprano style showdown? What was at stake and why this seemingly extreme situation of that night's hospital visit?

Mueller said he spoke with Ashcroft soon after Gonzales left the hospital and was told the meeting dealt with "an NSA [National Security Agency] program that has been much discussed, yes."

Gonzales perjured himself, again, last week when he said this was what the topic of that evening was....

In testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, Gonzales, now attorney general, said he had visited the ailing Ashcroft in the hospital to discuss "other intelligence activities," not the surveillance program.

Mueller's testimony runs contrary to Gonzales....

Mueller also testified Thursday that he had serious reservations about the program, which allowed surveillance without warrants, at the time of the dramatic internal administration showdown and threats of top-level resignations. Link

Over this past weekend the White House leaked what their defense of Gonzales' lies will be and the New York Times "reporters" promptly donned their Knee Pads obediently sucking down the propaganda and then regurgitating this deceptive account....

A 2004 dispute over the National Security Agency’s secret surveillance program that led top Justice Department officials to threaten resignation involved computer searches through massive electronic databases, according to current and former officials briefed on the program. Link

No source is named for the leak and "current and former officials" doesn't lend much credibility to the Times account. In spite of Comey and Mueller's clear testimony that the topic of fierce disagreement was the warrantless wiretapping issue, the Times quickly grasps and releases to readers a new White House spin deception that the point under fire was about "data mining".

In this the Times seeks to provide a cover for Gonzales' perjury. The Reverend paraphrases, "Well you see, the heated disagreement wasn't REALLY about Bush's illegal wiretapping of Americans after all....oh no....nothing to see there....but look over here....yes, the "data mining" issue. That's what everyone was upset over and that's why Alberto was not REALLY perjuring himself when he said "other intelligence activities" were in question, not the warrantless surveillance program".

This is how it works today. When the White House wants to "sell" something, say, like an illegal war of aggression against a country that posed no threat to America, or like a new faux justification for why the worst Attorney General in American history didn't really perjure himself,....what do these mob-like figures do? Do they simply release information to

FIX Noise FOX news? Rush Limbaugh?

The target media for these liars and dissemblers, propagandists and perjurers, is the oh-so-liberal NY Times. Think Judith Miller and those WMD's. The obedient lapdogs at the NY Times, the paper that just "happened" to sit on the illegal wiretapping story for a YEAR before publishing it, are anxious to get those "scoops", dontcha' know. The White House is anxious to give those "scoops" to them.

It's just one big happy......mob family.



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