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The Newest Lie

By The Reverend Published: July 12, 2010

That's J. Christian Adams in the above picture attending a Federalist Society meeting.

Why has Fox News and the right wing Wurlitzer been so hyper-wingnutty about Mr. Adams recently?

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights is currently looking into the Justice Department's decision in 2009 to dismiss civil charges against three members of the Black Panthers Party for alleged voter intimidation stemming from a 2008 incident outside a Pennsylvania polling center. The Justice Department obtained default judgment against a fourth member, Minister King Samir Shabazz, who was carrying a nightstick outside the polling station. Adams is claiming that the decision not to pursue any additional charges is evidence of "a pervasive hostility" at DOJ to pursuing voter intimidation cases against black defendants.

Keep that in mind while you read this from 2006....

In Arizona, Roy Warden, an anti-immigration activist with the Minutemen, and a handful of supporters staked out a Tucson precinct and questioned Hispanic voters at the polls to determine whether they spoke English.

Armed with a 9mm Glock automatic strapped to his side, Warden said he planned to photograph Hispanic voters entering polls in an effort to identify illegal immigrants and felons. The Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund reported the incident to the FBI.

J. Christian Adams -- a political activist hired to the Justice Department in 2005, reportedly by a Bush appointee who was found to have politicized hiring at the DOJ -- was working in the Justice Department when the decision was made not to pursue charges against the Minutemen, yet he has not accounted for this decision while leveling unsubstantiated charges that the Obama administration acted "in lawless hostility toward equal enforcement of the law."

Was there a "pervasive hostility" at Bush's DOJ in 2006 towards pursuing voter intimidation cases against white defendants, ya' think? Or could something else explain why neither Bush's DOJ in the Minutemen case, nor Obama's DOJ in the alleged New Black Panther case, pursued charges in those two cases?

In May 15 (2010) testimony before the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Thomas Perez, assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division, refuted the charge that the decision was a political one, testifying that the decision not to pursue charges amounted to "career people disagreeing with career people," which Perez said "happens very often."

There you have it.

Now, conservatives can accept that "people disagree", even inside the DOJ, as the reason neither the Minuteman case in 2006, nor the New Black Panther case from 2008, moved forward with official charges of voter intimidation.....or conservatives can believe what Mr. Adams, and Fox News, say.

As reality-based Americans know, Fox News is but a propaganda arm of the Republican Party, a reality that Fox owners and managers no longer try to rebut.

But what about Mr. J. Christian Adams? Is he, perhaps, a conservative partisan?

Adams was hired in 2005 by then-Civil Rights Division political appointee Bradley Schlozman, according to a person familiar with the situation. Schlozman was found in this joint investigation of the Justice Department’s Inspector General and Office of Professional Responsibility to have violated civil service rules by improperly taking political and ideological affiliations into account when making career attorney hires.

Before coming to the Justice Department, Adams volunteered with the National Republican Lawyers Association, an offshoot of the Republican National Committee that trains lawyers to fight on the front lines of often racially tinged battles over voting rights.

In 2004, Adams served as a Bush campaign poll watcher in Florida, where he was critical of a black couple for not accepting a provisional ballot in early voting after officials said they had no record of the couple’s change of address forms, according to Bloomberg News.

The Reverend's summary:

As we saw in the ludicrous L'il Jimmy-the-white-pimp-O'Keefe/Fox efforts to destroy ACORN last year.....conservative deception artists are once again counting on repetition of a phony narrative about black groups alleged to have done something replace American viewers thought processes.

Although ACORN was cleared of all alleged wrongdoing in the bogus "pimp" story, ACORN was, literally, bankrupted by all the conservative repetition asserting otherwise.

The common thread in all of this is race.

Van Jones, ACORN and Barack Obama are black. Just as the conservative Wurlitzer was successful in deceiving Americans about Van Jones and ACORN......defeating both with their frantic-but-phony too the intention of Fox-types with the trumped up story about New Black Panthers. This time the conservative cretins have placed the target on the back of President Obama.

If Americans are so ignorant that they vote to return the Party of Deception to majority status in the House this November....the objective of J. Christian Adams, Fox News, and the army of liars and deceivers blathering on about New Black Panthers recently.....then it's highly likely that Barack Obama will be endlessly investigated in 2011-2012 for, I guess, being elected president while choosing to remain black.

But the Republican Party is color blind.



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